Saturday, March 5, 2011

I love White!

I was inspired by another blog I stalk.  yes, I'll admit it.  I am a blog stalking weirdo.
I mean not like the real stalking people, you know the ones that kill and all.
Just passes the time away when I wake up at 4 a.m.
Which I did this morning....mainly because I go to sleep VERY early.
This morning however, I had a little 7 month old help me outta bed.
If he keeps it up, he will soon be in bed with "W" or be in here helping me type.
I promise you WILL see pics tomorrow, because Evers, Lil B and I have LOTS of fun things to do today.
We are going to make cupcakes first,,,,and then she is going to paint a painting!  A cross painting of her very own to hang in her room.
I think a two year old can do that don't you?
I will then put a tennis racquet in her hand and teach her a few strokes and on to the driving range to teach her how to hit a golf ball. (she's very advanced....)
Then we will go to the indoor pool and swim a few laps.
But first,,,,,Lil B needs some attention.  I'm gonna help him outta his crib into the bed with "W"....
hang on.....
Okay I'm back.  Let's see if that works.
Changed - check
Paci - check
In bed with G-man - check check
Now back to blog stalking.
Went over to a FABULOUSA blog this a.m. and it inspired me to do an 
"I love white" blog!!!
and I do,,,,everything white.
check her out
oh you will SO not be disappointed.
I want every package she's ever wrapped!
So, here's what I love in white!
(as soon as I get my new body)
this would fit my butt much better though
Love button (I have no idea where these came from but I want them BAD)
 yep, these are just so me.
 and everyone needs a sequined glove don't cha think?
 oh,,,,,,be still my heart.  seriously, dream bedroom. (and ya know, those chairs would be a breeze to make.  Just throw the fabric over them!.  As a matter of fact. I bet this whole bedroom was pretty darn cheap.  Totally staged mind you, I mean, really, who would sit in those chairs?  Sorta reminds me of when my grandmother would throw a sheet over her furniture so it wouldn't get messed up.  Never understood that.  Did your grandmother do that? Oh please don't let me age.
 on to kitchens.....

 I have looked at this clock A MILLON times.   I am pining over it bad.
I'm getting it, just made that decision.
Go for it!

 how DO you keep this clean? you don't....
I think I've told you how much I love white churches
 oh my.....I have this in black and natural, but may have to get this one as well
 greatest top I've ever bought - just wish it was a little bit longer
 Fisher Island
 I also want this body.  I might be able to pull this swimsuit off if I ride that bike 10000 more miles.
 well not exactly white, but man, I wish I had my 20 year old arms body back.
I think I need these:
 and these. (they will have their own little bed to sleep in)
and finally, my favorite white thing I've ever bought.
my mom's Visitation journal.
Simple, beautiful, fresh....just like she was!
Gotta run, bebe needs a bottle
Later y'all!
have a fabulous Saturday!


  1. The blog stalking is mutual Kendall! What a lovely mention on this early Saturday morning. Thank you and I type this with a energetic puppy on my lap. Happy weekend..XO

  2. My fav are the white canvas shoes and the kitchen with the clock:)) I also LOVE in WHITE shirts. NO, you can't have too many! Jennifer Anniston wears one all the time!!:))))))) I read that white is "less" this year in "style" :)) And color is "more". BUT...I don't really go by the books and it doesn't bother me if I look the same all the time in my white shirts. I'll admit I do like the longer shirts now also.... Have fun with the little ones! Can't wait to see the new painting by Evie:)

  3. Blog stalking is ALOT of fun! In fact...that's how I found you!! LOL!!! seriously...I loved this post and love the fact that we seem to have alot in common! Can't wait to see more of your posts!