Friday, March 11, 2011

Scott Antique Market

OH how I love it when that second weekend of the month comes around.  That's when Scott Antique Market here in Atlanta happens!
Well, this month DID NOT DISAPPOINT
I'm serious I have NEVER seen so much stuff in my life.
Packed with furniture.
I didn't take many pics cause I was socializin with my good friend Cissy who accompanied me for the trip.
Goin with a good friend is much more fun than traipsing through antiques by yourself (in my opinion).
Anyway, here are some of the goodies that I found intriguing.
Yes,,,,,this was lunch.  I save up for the entire month so that I can eat my 5,000 calorie greek meal specially equipped with baklava (the best eva) Cissy said if they served this by the pound we woulda paid 20.00 for lunch.  5.00 for just the grease.
I made a new friend....oh be still my pug lovin heart
he was such a good model!
now on to a few pics of stuff I loved.....
First up.
I have chairs with bones like this that I gave to "J".  They are an ugly open back natural color wood. I think we can stuff the back and cover them like this. The burlap has open staples!  Oh, I just thought these were fab and a great project for her me.
then I found this table for her.....Check out the $$$$$ 495.00
and this one was only 995.00!
then another 495.00
awesome!!!!  and they were super sturdy!!!
I went gaga over this piece but where the heck would I put it????
loved everything in this booth
tons of dressers
and andirons
and more tables
I tried really hard to talk Cis into still my heart.  This was the most beautiful thing we found there.
along with this mirror.  oh my (wouldn't put em together,,,,too similar, I just LOVED this!)
 $$$$$$$$ big time
then there was this chair that both Cissy and I are mad we didn't buy (there's a pair) 350 for the pair!
Isn't it gorge????
and tons of  pillows.  Another love of mine!
okay,,,,,,,I'm still thinkin about this.  It is a secretary, needs work as you can tell, but wouldn't this be a great project? Fabulous bones to this piece....and you should see the inside. I seriously may go back and get it and do something really fun with it. (my guess it sold though)
Price tag? 550.00 - pretty darn cheap 
This was considered for my dining room but I nixed it.  I'm going to find a bench for the long side of my dining table.   Decided to buy one at the mart this weekend.
walked away with only'll see a tutorial soon on what I'm doin with it!!!
Have a FABULOUSA Friday y'all!
and remember!  Scott Antiques goes on all weekend.
Go take a looksie!


  1. I could do some major shopping damage in a place like that - what great finds!

  2. I'm loving burlap myself-- I've done a headboard, set of cafe curtains, and hope to do drapes next!!! Homewood Antiques in Edgewood had some great burlap chairs......also, I lve the blue secretary, love it in blue.... And that pug!!!!! Xoxoxox to him!