Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Shaggy Shade - a Tutorial

Remember that fabric that I bought at Scott Antiques????
yep,,,this one
well, I had this window in my kitchen that needed some fabric attention
this one:
anyway, decided to do what I call a "Shaggy Roman Shade"
so here's how ya do it.  They're pretty easy and I really hope my instructions come out
"comprehend-able".  I will answer any questions.  Including the one that is:
Do you do these for anyone else?
That would be a No. (but I have wonderful drapery people that do and I will refer you)
but heck, when it's this easy, why not give it a shot?
It took me two hours this morning from start to finish...
First the finished product:
measure your window.  I overlapped the window by 2" on each side
Materials.  2 yards of Fabric (for my measurements) lining, and felt interlining
1" wide x 4" piece of board by whatever width the shade will be.  Also a dowel the same size, plastic drapery rings, a staple gun, drapery cording, eye hooks, screws and a drapery anchor.
First cut off the selvage.  This is important as the fabric will pucker if you don't.
Now cut the fabric to the size that you want.  I cut mine 2" larger on the sides and used the full 71" even though the window measured 61".  I wanted it fuller.
Now cut the lining 2" smaller on each side and 2" shorter on the bottom
then lay the felt interlining on top of the lining and do the same
bring all of the sides together and pin.  (the lining is more narrow which will create an overlap for the fabric when turned)
Sew down both sides using a 5/8" seam
Turn and press.  It should now look like this
and the back should look like this!
now for the bottom.  Turn under about 1/4"
and then turn under about 2" and sew.  Make sure the corners do not protrude out from the sides.
Now it should look like this
and the hem should look like this!
another pic of the hem
Mark where you will place the rings.  I start about 1" from the bottom and go every 6"
Using a zigzag stitch with no length I zigzag mine on with the machine
Careful not to break the needle!!!
Now on to the board.  Oh I felt SO powerful this morning.  Couldn't find the saw, so compulsive me got out a .......POWER TOOL! yep, I used a saber saw (I don't even know if that's how to spell it)
What is it about a power tool that makes a woman feel SO powerful?
I did.
Made a perty clean cut too huh? well sorta
Using a pillow case sewing technique, cover the board.  Leave one end open for turning, and tuck that end inside.
do the same with the dowel stick. (I cut that one too.....) I got it going this mornin
Screw in 3 eye hooks spread perfectly apart like so.  Use more if you need to.
Hand stitch the dowel bar on to the bottom ring. Notice how I want you to make the corners of that hem.
now, staple the shade onto the board.
and thread the cording through all the rings and then through the eye screws.  I wanted the cords to hang down the right side so I started with the left side of the fabric.  When you do this only the left side goes through all the eye screws.  The other side just goes through one eye screw.  Am I confusing you yet?
here we go
Now screw it to the wall where you want to place it.  To do this, lift up the drapery and screw it right into the wall.  Then pull up the shade with the cording adjusting it.  Screw in an anchor to tie the cording to and plump it up! (Anchor should be hidden underneath the drapery.
Again, the finished product....or should I say "project"
and a close up

Okay,,,men.....I said to W...Look what I made this morning!!  His comment "what do those words mean?"
Good grief.
oh, and the cost???? 40 bucks. (I'm serious!)
Have a BEAutiful Saturday!
I've got a surprise comin up!


  1. Is there anywhere I can get written directions to go with your tutorial? It's the perfect solution I've been looking for and I'm so excited now!!!! I have to buy a sewing machine (can sew and use to all the time but had reasons why I stopped). But hey, is there a "no-sew" way to do this window covering? I do want it to look professional though. I have plantation shutters all over my house now. I need to cover only the top of a window and the fabric will be the same soft cream as the shutters are painted so attention is not drawn to it if that makes sense. Can hardly wait to get started! Waiting......... Thx!

  2. Hi "A"!
    Okay, these are some options. Not great ones but the only ones I could think of.
    1) Lay the fabric right side down, then stack the interlining, then stack the fabric (right side up.
    2) Turn the sides over (like the seam looked) and use a fabric glue.
    3) Hand stitch the rest
    4) Do everything else as directed.
    1) Lay the fabric as mentioned above and handstitch every thing. Would take forever but it would be cheaper than buying a sewing machine!
    1) pay someone to make it for you. Roman shades are ridiculously costly to have made however.
    As for printed directions, you should be able to print my blog off.
    Good luck! and thanks for posting!

  3. Oh my goodness! Brings back memories of the mid 80's when you taught and helped me make BALLOON SHADES!!!!! Then you made ALL the balloon shades in Patty Schreiner's house and we could see them from the parkway:) BTW she use to get her nails done right before me until a couple of years ago:)))) Did I just take you back a lot of years????????????????????

  4. How great is this? Love it! Wish I were this handy with a sewing machine, because I would try it myself!