Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All About Yellow and Grey

I actually posted this yesterday,,,,,and looked at it this a.m. and decided I needed a few more items.
So....here we go!
A dreamy bedroom (for me at least)
I'm all about mustardy yellow and grey right now by the way. (must be that love of yellow mustard)
remember a few blogs back....yikes!
Anyway, I did a little window shoppin at Anthro and Lewis and Sheron.
This is what I'd do if I was planning to re-do a bedroom!
First of all,,,,the bed....a must have
then add these as two bedside tables. Love, love, love the marble top
and they were a decent price! (anthro)
with the lamp on the top
okay, decided that lamp wadn't doin it fer me...so here are a few options.
Straight from the mart......Arteriors

I actually think I like this one the best.
but I [might] change the lamp shade to this:
or buy two.  One for the hub, one for me.....and change it out as PMS comes around.
the sheets would be this: or stark white. Could have 2 sets for the change up!
Actually I like the ivory too
I'd go with this bedcover from Restoration Hardware (and the pillows)
with a throw from RH at the end (in cream)
then I'd have a large linen roll pillow made from this:
add a throw pillow (anthro)

at the end of the bed would sit 2 of these slipcovered in the drapery fabric you see down below (just buy an extra panel....or you can leave em like this!
www.ikea.com (49 buckaroos)

The drapes would be this:
(on sale now at anthro)
then if there's room, I'd have this little sofa
anthro again
and maybe this chair
um anthro again
this chair is TODIEFOR in my humble opinion
then you need a dresser (anthro) (love button)
with these two over it (anthro)
oh, that dresser needs a lamp and a few accessories. which I'm struggling with
a jewelry box which I couldn't find (or an antique pin cushion)
and a candle (anthro) fyi......great gift.....smells divine!!!
what cha think?
oh a rug?
a simple seagrass of course
the paint?
Sherwin Williams grey
almost forgot some artwork.....
or this!
have a wonderful Wednesday y'all!  headed to Hotlanta to spend time with my good buddy E!!!
then......off to Scott Antiques yippeeeeeee!


  1. To use one of my favorite "Kendallism's", "oh, be still my heart!" I love your design sense and artistic flair! If I could win the lottery I could redecorate AND purchase a boatload of your artwork. Thanks for sharing your recipes, anecdotes, adventures, advice, and photos. Your grandchildren take my breath away -- they are so beautiful and so blessed to have such a special Gigi. We have a friend and former neighbor who attends Wesleyan. He is in US. They are a wonderful family -- the Brasher's.
    Tammy Stewart

  2. Haha!!! yes, be still my heart!!! Thank you so much Tammy!!! And thank you for posting!!! Not sure if I know the Brashers but I do know Carol Brasher! But not a Wesleyan fam. Have a wonderful day Tam!!!

  3. Love the color palette and direction. Do it again adding a tropical flair - just a hint - PLEASE???????

  4. Love the yellow direction! Painting is fabulous!