Sunday, March 6, 2011

FUN With the G-Babies!

OH MY,,,,,how I love my g-babies.
What did I ever do without them?
Yesterday we had SO much fun!
First Lil E and Lil B had to indulge in something they ONLY get at Gigi and Gman's house

then we had to do a little painting
now,,,,2 things:
1) My art room is what it is.  An art room.  Paint everywhere and I ain't lying y'all.  I don't worry about paint getting anywhere.  It has to be that way or I couldn't paint as "loose" as I do.  It's all over furniture, everywhere, so don't stress out when you see these pics!
2) I prepped the canvas for Evey to paint her cross.  These are not as easy as they look!!! With that being said....she's brilliant.
what concentration!
Evey's Cross!
 then she wanted to paint a dog for Lil B
 and Bitty Baby watched
 Mini Me

 "look Gigi!  It's a Blue Dog"!
 Then Kacey came to do everybody's hair!
 and Lil B watched with delight!
 we took lots of pics
 of Evey's left eye

 little blue eyes...(it's 4:30 and he's in there "cryin it out" right now!)

after plenty of fun, 2 hour naps (for everyone,,,,including all adults) dinner at "The Moon"
 time for bed!
 nite nite kisses all around!
 now....I wanna show you something that I came up with.
Since Mom died I've had this weird urge to just get rid of a lot of stuff that I don't use.  I don't know why.  She was so simple and maybe she's speaking to me from Heaven.  Saying "Kendall, why do you need all of that stuff?"  Anyway, I'm trying to unload, giveaway, sell, just stuff that I don't need or want. I am about to clean out two storage units that we have and give away a bunch of stuff.  Then I'm going to load a truck and take it to Birmingham for a huge garage sale that Sister and I are going to have at her home.  I promise, you'll know about it.  And, it's something you would probably wanna attend.  We are going to have a load of stuff from 5 homes.  Anyway, one of the things I did was find all of this gold jewelry that I don't ever wear.  I wear the same thing every day.  Never change.  Every now and then I'll wear a decorative piece or two but for the most part, I'm stuck in "Groundhog Day" when it comes to jewelry.  So, I had all of these necklaces that "W" had given me over the years. (I also don't usually wear bracelets.)  And, I had a few rings that I never wore.   So, I had my jeweler take the chains off of the necklaces and put them (along with the rings) on a charm bracelet that I had.  I thought it turned out so beautiful! cannot believe what you can make off of scrap gold.  Seriously folks. Go find your old gold and sell it.  It is SO much fun!!!
The finished product!
have a blessed Sunday y'all!

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