Sunday, May 1, 2011


Well the art show is over :(
So sad to leave new friends that I've made but truly glad it's over cause I'm tired folks.
Came home last night and "W" had made me the BESTSTEAK EVER!!!!
I gobbled it up, kissed him good night and said "I'm gone".  Yep 8:30 Zonk.
Anywho, why did I name this "Amazing?"  Not sure.  I was just thinkin back on the past three days and find it remarkable what I "think" people are going to buy, and what they actually buy. Now first of all I want to give a HUGE thank you to all the volunteers that ran this show.  I have never, ever encountered such a nice, helpful group of people in my life.  Wesleyan not only knows how to teach their young, they pick wonderful parents to run the show.  Great school (little biased here since Callen went there!)
And....I was just blown away by the generosity and encouragement of the people and the comments I received.  If any of you out there are reading, and were at the show, I want to give you a big shout out THANKYOU!!! I sold 22 paintings this weekend.  I'm really still on cloud nine.  You know what the cool thing about that is for me?  I really didn't know the majority of the people that bought them!  Sometimes, you know you think, "oh my friends are here and they're buying cause they know me and want me to feel good.  This was pure.  This meant I really am an artist!!!  I am just humbled beyond words.
And amazed.
First of all, I thought the dress series would "fly out the door".  Mainly because I really, really love that series.   Actually what I realized was that they are so individual that the more "generic".... meaning things that both men and women like did better.  That's kind of a big "duh" for me.  REally duh.  But, I still sold 3 dress paintings, and got commissions on 2 more along with a very large commissioned piece. I still think the bitty paintings are perfect for bridesmaid's gifts.  As are the "bitty" crosses.
Also, I had brought many, many small paintings because I wanted a huge array of price differences.  The big paintings sold way over the smaller ones.  People need big art!
Anyway, here are a few of what I sold!  If you need info on what  is left out of this collection
 go to
for purchasing information

my all time favorite painting and someone I know bought it.  So happy for her!!

 Thank you so, so much for all of your support.
Now, I'm gonna go hit the golf ball!
have a beautiful day!


  1. That is awesome Kendall. You should consider donating a portion of the profits to the storm victims. I have heard that Georgia had some bad areas too. Alabama is certainly devastated.