Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hum....what to blog about today?

I'm at a loss!  I have to admit.  I don't have anything to blog about.
Let's see, I can tell you that I went to Atlanta yesterday to visit one of my VERYFAVORITESHOPPES!
Gail K Fabrics.
Oh, darn, I forgot my camera.
If you like fabric, this is YOUR kinda place. Remember the name....GAIL K FABRICS.  I think I've blogged on this place before but each time I forget my camera.  Man, it is so packed with fabrics that it's claustrophobic to go in there.  They are mostly designer fabs with TONS of bridal stuff.
I just know that one day when I'm there, a big rack of fabric is going to fall on me and bury me alive.
Yep, that's probably how I'll go, buried in my love of fabrics....all beautiful!
So, I was there because since I know I will never find a dress that I like off the rack, especially one that will fit me perfectly....I will be making mine.
Anyway, I'm either wearing a slate grey or a ballet pink dupioni (I sure hope that's spelled right cause it ain't in my spell check) with a beautiful lace overlay.  This will all depend on the bridesmaid's dresses.  Which have been picked out just not the color.
Mine will be a simple cap sleeve dress with a boat neck and a low scooped back.  The bodice will be short (the only flattering thing on me right now) and will hit just above the knee. A wide tie with a simple bow will adorn the empire waistline.
This will be the front: (don't hate me for my drawing skills)
 and the back
 one fabric choice
 and the other
Have a happy day y'all!


  1. If anyone can pull off a wedding in 3 months it's you!! Love the style of your dress and the lace is amazing!! So excited to watch as the details unfold. We were at the beach this past week for one of my daughter's college friend's wedding and it was gorgeous!! There's nothing quite like a wedding!!

  2. Forgot to mention - I have a great idea for the bridesmaid's gifts...

  3. Oh, you can do t! It will look so beautiful, my friend!

    Thank you so much for your comment. I love reading them!

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at

  4. Excellent choices!
    My mom wore slate grayish taupe dress to my brother's wedding, it was beautiful!

  5. Are you KIDDING ME!! Kendall, you are so incredibly talented!! I would give my right arm to be able to sew a straight line and look at you making a dress! I can't wait to see what this is going to turn into!

  6. Kendall, I found you through Abby Maddox's blog. I am from Dothan, too. I love your blog and had to comment. My son got married a yr. ago Nov. His bride father, is from your area. Madison, GA. They were married, in his--- the Shockley family, church out in the country. It was off Shockley Road. My daughter-in-love, cousin, from Madison, played the harp. It was so lovely to hear it through-out the service; plus at their family home where the reception was. If you can't find someone to play I could give you her e-mail. What a fun time you are going to have! I look forward to seeing this wedding on your blog!!! Enjoy this ride!!!! :O)