Monday, May 16, 2011

From Wedding to Baby Shower

Well, since I was in Nashville yesterday, I wasn't about to miss one of an "adopted" member of our family's baby shower.  Plus it was one of those fun "find out the gender parties?
To say I'm a bit exhausted ya'll is an understatement.  Got home at 10:30 last night.  Crashed.
Anyway, the party was held at Samatha Reedy's absolutely gorgeous home and the decorations and all the other little touches were just perfect.  Kudos go out to everyone involved.  I just can't believe that Allison was able to keep the gender under wraps for this long!!!
So here we go!!!  For all you baby shower loven folks!!! (Ya know, between weddings and showers?  we're all at that age!!! (mother's and daughter's alike!)

 just beautiful painting.  An inspiration????

 another "adopted member of our fam!"
 a real member of our fam!

 I wanted to take these two home with me!

 There's Allison!
 and her mom, sister, and gmom!
 precious again!
 Be still my Knox lovin heart
 Be still again....Evey's future boyfriend!
 Is he Knox the cutest thing you've ever seen????
 and check this beauty out!!!

 Samantha's niece,,,,precious!!!
 Gigi and Knox

 hummmmm, what girl should I pick? There were plenty to choose from!

 The gender game
 Here's how it turn over to match the pictures.  The one that is not a pair that is left is the gender!!!
 I have to say, we were all trying to understand how this doesn't take all day!

It's a girl!!!!
Harper Elizabeth Meadows!!!
We are so excited for you Alli!!!

On to other news.....Remember that exciting thing I was telling you about about a month ago????  Well, it's out!
Has picked up my dress and tree series of paintings to be added to her online store Quatrefoil Designs (which is a part of a FABULOUS blog!!!)
Let me tell you folks.  She gets about 75000 hits a month.  She's big time!!!
Check her out!  You won't be disappointed!!!
xo ya'll!


  1. Great pictures!! And that blog is great!

  2. With a grandson due in September, I am loving the baby shower post!! Thrilled to see your gorgeous artwork at "desire to inspire"...was there this morning and so happy to see those fabulous "dresses"!!

  3. sorry meant to say "things that inspire"...

  4. thanks for taking such great pics and for coming! it meant a lot to me for you to be there! also, I LOVE MY PAINTING!