Friday, May 20, 2011

Gail K, and the Ring Bearer's Pillow

As promised I went back to Gail K and took my camera.  I just want to give you a glimpse of what you're in for if you go.  First of all, they're pretty nice, but they need more help.  You have to wait and wait.
Anyway, I went this time to get the fabric for my MOB dress get fabric for the
I say that in all caps because I'm amazed at what is out there for the poor little ring bearer.
He deserves better don't you think?
SO, I'm making Callen's and Andy's lil guy one.  It may be a little "prissy" but hey, it's her wedding right?  I made one for Jordan and hand embroidered their initials on a large button.  Well, took the button off to turn it into Callens, tried to dye the silk and totally ruined it :(.
I just am not good at dying stuff y'all.
Anyway, here's Gail K:
and by the way, hey Gail R!  Hope you're enjoying your coffee my faithful reader!!! Great seeing you yesterday!
 see why I'm scared I'm going to be buried alive one day here????

 Now,,,,brides,,,give that Ring Bearer a decent pillow to carry.  It's important!

 I actually thought this was pretty

 And this is really pretty
 can you say "cheese"y? oh good Lord!
 loved this

 AGAIN.... are you kiddin me????
and finally....what their lil guy will carry!
Have a beautiful Friday y'all!
I think I'm gonna play some golf.  I need a little more frustration in my life right now!!!  hehe!


  1. Girl, I did a belly laugh at that one with the picture on it! What were they thinking? lol

  2. A few of those are awful!!
    My sweet son will be a ring bearer next weekend, I think the bride got his pillow from Etsy!

  3. Funny! The third one down the "pretty" one was what our ring bearer carried. Not exactly my first choice, but it was tasteful and free since I borrowed it from my sister-in-law's wedding stash. Funny ring bearer story - my bff didn't have any little boys in her family so her 2.5yr old niece was her "ring princess." I was the bridesmaid in charge of the ring princess who was great until she got bored in the middle of the ceremony, laid the pillow on the chancel floor, then laid her head on it. Adorable and hilarious!

  4. Also, I had to mention that while perusing the latest issue of Southern Living magazine I ran across a recipe that looked delish. I saw the chef in credit was Martha Foose! I was so excited because I know her from your blog! I'll be picking up her cookbook ASAP too.

  5. Hey, I've got a perfectly good MOB dress if you want to borrow. It's a spice color and would look fabulous on you.