Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Wedding Shoe.....

Hum....after looking at all the photographers, one particular picture kept creeping in my mind...
The picture of "THE SHOES".
A very good friend gave Callen these as a little gifty....first they didn't fit, then she said "MOM, I AM NOT LETTING HER BUY ME MANOLOS.  So, we took them back :(
Seriously, who wouldn't want a pair of Manolo bridal shoes.  I want them, and I'm not the bride!!!

 CAN the MOB wear wedding shoes????

 OH BE STILL MY Christian Louboutin lovin heart.  I'm getting these, period, they're mine.  Only problem?  I can't find them.  They were from 2009.

Again, CAN the MOB wear wedding shoes?

Which would you choose????
I know which ones Callen chose, but it's a secret!!!
have a wonderful Wed. ya'll!
oh wait! check out this adorable wreath I found at Target yesterday!  I got two for the front doors.  A ballet pink dupioni ribbon will adorn them
If you want them, you better hurry.  I had to go to 3 Targets to find them


  1. Love you blogging about the wedding! So fun to read!

  2. I had the most uncomfortable wedding shoes EVER! I went to my dress fitting and didn’t have shoes (yes, dumb, I know). My sister ran out and bought a pair of shoes for me while I stood there in my dress getting other parts of the dress pinned, etc. The dress was hemmed for those shoes so I was stuck with them. They were cute, but I COULD NOT WAIT to get those shoes off of my feet after the ceremony.

    Beth Wages Johnson

  3. Not 100% the same, but check these out!
    The Bagley Mischka "Dreamy" shoe! If you can't find the Christians then those could be a close second (in looks, can't beat a Louboutin!!)

    I had Christians for my wedding shoe. The "Bretelle" in rose gold. Loved them!