Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's see!

First of all, I need to apologize for my blog yesterday.  I vented when I shouldn't have, hurt some feelings, cried a little, and deleted it.  So, if you tried to read my blog yesterday and couldn't that's why.  I really should have never put it out there.   I was in "one a those moods" ya know????
So, we're gonna move on from that and move on to some other stuff.  Bridemaid's dresses I love, flower girls dresses, shoes, this blog is just gonna be just a mishmash of stuff.
Here we go!

 First, I think J. Crew has made it's mark on the "wedding" scene.  What a marketing genius they hired!
First of all.....advice to all you bridesmaids out there.  Start workin on those tan lines now if you're in someone's wedding that has a strapless dress.  That's the very first thing anyone notices.  Tan lines on a strapless dress are a big "no no"
 oh my

 this is lovely for the Bride's "dance" dress.  Not sure she could "get down" in it though.
Love the shoes.

 I love this and the back is fab!
 the back of this is fab too! (front?????) ho hum.
 awe,,,,is this not the cutest thing EVER?????
 and this???
 Sold.....Evey's wearing these for the wedding.
 Now, some of you may know this but if you don't I'll go ahead and reveal this fabulous little secret.
It's a new part of Anthropologie
I seriously would buy everything in there if I could
like this, is this not beautiful? (not the hat silly)

 Callen is just dying for this....

 she also want's this!!!
 sneak preview....someone I know will be wearing this (so if you're coming to the wedding I would suggest you not buy this)
 sneak preview #2, I bought this for the Bridesmaid's luncheon.
Isn't it adorable???? (well I think it is anyway)
 Okay, on to Evey's dress.  Mother made this for Callen when she was about 4 or 5.  It has been in a frame for about 15 years on a wall.  Callen wanted Evelyn to wear it for her flower girl dress, so we took it out of the frame.  It had blue ribbon throughout and so I took all of that out and am replacing it with pink ribbon.  It is too long so I (gulp) am going to cut it off at the 2nd tier and add the lace hem on to that.  My mom is either smiling down from Heaven at me or gasping.  I think she's smiling!!!  I'm so sad that she's not going to be here for this wonderful event.  Okay, no tears......
 Then, we are going to sew this inside of Callen's wedding dress.!!!
oh, now the tears!
why am I so emotional?
please tell me I'm not crazy for just having a mental breakdown.  I don't think I've ever cried so hard.....
I could barely cut through the tears.
have a wonderful, beautiful Monday y'all!
I'm gonna straighten myself out!


  1. Tears are okay. They represent love. And although sadness, too, without love they would be meaningless.
    Perfect dress for E, in all aspects!I used a portion of my great grandmothers bracelet to cover the comb of my veil-- it makes the day that more special to know those loved ones are truly there with you. You should incorporate something of your mom's into your dress, maybe even some lace from this dress on a hem.

  2. I agree with Kelley......cry!! We all do:) LOVE what you did to the beautiful dress of Callen's that your mom made. Sewing that piece into the inside of her wedding dress is sooooo special! We sewed my wedding band from Bill inside Jessica's dress:) ALso, Jessica's bridesmaids dresses were from J. Crew and they were the 2nd dress you whatever their name for navy blue is:) They looked great on all shapes of young girls:) AND....your dress for the bridesmaid luncheon is A D O R A B L E !!!!!

  3. My beloved dad passed away 1 1/2 years ago and I still break down crying at times, like I just did after reading your last blog posting. Beautiful idea in honoring your mom with the dress. I love it!!