Thursday, May 12, 2011

.....and the story continues

Let's see, what day is it today?  Thursday already? and I'm up at 4.  yep. Wow, this is gonna be a long (almost) 3 months.
I do know this.  I really think a short engagement is the way to go guys.  I mean, you HAVE to make decisions fast.  No dilly dallying around the Boggs' house right now.
Luckily, Callen is trusting me to make [most] of the decisions for her.  Even down to the cake tasting
(which I cannot wait to do on Monday)
Speaking of eating......these flabby arms have GOTTAGO people.  Could be at the gym this morning, but NOOOOOOOO, I'm on the computer (I almost wrote typewriter)! okay, what year is it anyway?
Along with my gear being turned up to high speed I am becoming more and more ADD.
Okay, where are we now?
Met with the florist yesterday.
OMG they so put me at ease because I was having a slight MAJOR panic attack.  I had realized that we know NO One to play the violin at the wedding.
If we are lucky like we have been, we will find someone....someone perfect!
You know what's simply amazing?
Everything we have done has August 6th available!  Seriously, is that like a "no one's gonna plan anything on that date" day?  Along with the wedding, it's the date of two VERY important people in my life.
My father's birthday, and my precious little Bennett's birthday.
We are going to have ALOT to celebrate!
Back to the wedding.
I met with the florist yesterday.  Now, to say I LOVE flowers is an understatement.  To say I LOVE gardening is an "overstatement".  I have a BIG TIME black thumb.
SO when this group of lovely ladies came to my home to "check things out" I seriously almost died.
I have intentionally not planted (excuse me) had anything planted for our yard for fear it may die of heat before the wedding.  However, I'm going to plant next week cause I'm afraid nothing will be available.
I CAN plant herbs!  That's about it folks.
Sorry, back to the florist.
LePetit Jardin, out of Madison.
Yep, forgot my camera.  But I'm gonna go back and take pics because you HAVE to see this beautiful place.
OH my, is all I can say when I walked into their shoppe.  It is exactly what I would do if I owned a floral shoppe.  Everything is so English Country garden.  Herbs everywhere, lanterns, hydrangea lined the walls, the smell of roses comforted my nose.  I can just smell them now.  I just think there's nothing much better than the smell of a florist shoppe.
So, here are some choices.
I just can't reveal the colors they have chosen because I want it to be a surprise but I will tell you that this MOB is wearing the "ballet pink" (which I'm SO excited about!!!)

 um,,,feathers not included

 oh my.....

 don't wanna offend anyone, but letters will not be included in the bouquets....

Get the drift?  Very romantic wedding
oh, by the way,
the gallery that I am a part of out here at Lake Oconee "Art of Oconee" is having it's
RE-Grand Opening!
tonight from 5 - 8
Please come if you live in the area!!! (or even if you don't)
We are on Scott Rd. right next to "Dress the Walls"
Busy day today and hope you have a wonderful one!


  1. I love the first set of flowers (baby pink roses) & the fifth (white & very light pink peonies). Beautiful! I can't wait until the day I can help plan my daughter's wedding.

  2. Hi my name is Ann Darby Smith and I will be in the 12th grade next fall. My friend told me about your blog and said that you had not found a violinist for your daughters wedding. I have played for a long time and we happen to have a home on Oconee. If you're interested my cell # is 404-626-1516.