Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chasing Charlie Designs

First of all,,,,,I can't move.  I know, I know,,,,it's early.  BUT, I played 36 holes of golf yesterday. Yep.  Ya  know men do that all the time! They go on these golf trips and play 36 a day ( I always wondered why "W" was so tired after coming home from those trips....)  Anyway, my body is aching big time.
Our wonderful friends Sissy and Larry Long popped in for an overnighter yesterday and "W" and I had played an early round of golf.  At lunch I said "hey, ya wanna play another round"?  AND we were all up for it! so, we played til 7:30 last night and then had the most wonderful dinner at Linger Longer Steak house. yummers.
But, that's not the subject of today's blog.  I'm just SO proud of oldest daughter Jordan and her business venture "Chasing Charlie"!!!  She is getting orders out the wazooooooo and when you see the pics you will see why!
So here we go!
First of all
Here are some of her latest designs:

and finally!
bags too!
Are these not adorable?
check her out, but hurry, those fourth of July dogs are selling like hotcakes.
Have a FAB day y'all!
I'm going to work on my MOB (oops, sorry, I wasn't supposed to say anything about the wedding)
dress. oh well.

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