Thursday, May 19, 2011

I love WHITE!!! and other stuff

I think my blog has turned into a wedding blog.....wait, am I getting married or is Callen?
Oh, and by the way.  I MADE them form a blog.  Just an informational type thing.
It is:
I have to tell you what sweet Callen and Andy were going to do (and still are in some form or fashion)
Instead of registering, they wanted to adopt a family who was affected by the Tuscaloosa tornado and give the gifts to them.
OMG, how proud am I of them?
Not to poo poo their idea (I sound awful don't I) but I felt like
1) logistically this might be difficult
2) people might end up giving 2 gifts (one to them and one to the family) (not really a bad thought)
3)  people might just not want to do that
4) don't think they realize how much fun picking things out and opening gifts from special friends will be.  I still remember who gave me what (30 years ago!)
Then they can make their choice what to do.
I know I sound like a selfish little you know what, but I'm just speaking the truth here.
they are still going to adopt a family, just not sure how they are going to go about it yet.
They, with our help will be donating tons of stuff.
In the meantime, I decided to show (since I do have 30 years of experience here) you some of what you need in your kitchen..
And....what you should register for (in my humble opinion)
William-Sonoma has my name written all over that website.
If you go there it will say "Kendall Boggs' is here all the time" I'm sure of it.
First....register for white plates and serving pieces. period

This is what they are registering for! (and they're not white!)
oh be still my heart.
 now onto the other essentials..

had to throw this in here cause I'm hungry

that cupcake was made from this....

which also makes this!  idn't this the cutest EVER??? 

 a "must have" they make a smaller one too that's a "must have"
 these are awesome

 another "must have"

 now for the pricey-er stuff (if Callen gets this, I'm stealing it from her)

 not that pricey but let me tell you.....these are absolutely wonderful.
I love to scare people when they come to my house and slam the glass on the countertop.
Dudn't break no matter how hard you hit it.

 can I have these, please?????

All Clad.  The only cookware.  Period (in stainless steel)

 love button
Andy's request? Cutco knives

You brides out there have fun pickin out your stuff!
have a wonderful day y'all!


  1. We've been out of town but just now catching up on my laptop so I can see pics better! Andy.....I'm the Cutco Queen!!!! Up until a few years ago, I bought every year from college students selling. Starting back in the 80's! I have so much Bham and the farm, that when I took a few of my kitchen items to Dothan, I stocked Ken's kitchen with Cutco.....and you STILL can't tell I took a thing from the Bham home!! :) That use to be my wedding gift to couples and I would put their parents names down on the sales person's list so the parents could add to them on occasion:) I started realizing that most young people don't appreciate Cutco because they haven't heard of it so I stopped. you can tell by this long comment...the Cutco knives got me excited!!!! :)) P.S. we used flip flops also at Jessica's wedding...and it was GREAT! I'll tell you tomorrow night how we got them at a GREAT cost:)) At Old Navy:)) I'm still wearing a pair I got from a wedding a couple of years ago....and hers also came from Old Navy...a EUFAULA wedding:) (loved your Eufaula pics:))See you tomorrow:)

  2. Cheers to your daughter and future SIL for wanting to help a family in that way! Very commendable. My wedding china is a creamy white color as well - Ralph Lauren's braided rope- trimmed china. We've been married for going on 12 years and I still adore that design. :)

  3. i'll take one of each please.
    we celebrate 11 years in one week.
    and i still love love my china and you are right i remember who gave us what. weird. right?