Monday, May 30, 2011

Hall Pass?

I just want one little hall pass to show you what I designed and made yesterday (with more than a few curse words I might add) Yep they were flyin outta my mouth.  For the wedding.
The MOB dress.  You know how I showed you the design I was gonna create?  Well! Here it is folks!
the sleeve will hang slightly off the shoulder  and the bow will hit right at the bust line

The Back. (not really sure why my camera decided to take two different colors, but the first one is the correct one.  I am also going to have covered buttons put down the back of the dress because I opted against a zipper so that I could use the buttons.
have a wonderful day y'all!!!
and no, I don't make dresses as a business,,,,just fyi.


  1. Gorgeous! Although, now I think you SHOULD make them as a business! I cannot wait to see what it looks like on, please post!! You are truly blessed with a multitude of talents lady. xo ~April

  2. Are you thinking of running for President?

  3. I love it!!!
    Julie Smothers

  4. Fabulous! Where do you find your fabrics?

  5. can i please be you in my next life?!? just sayin...

  6. CAW. you are too cute!!! and Mitzi I get all of my fabrics from Gail K in Atlanta. Thank you guys. It was a labor of love!!!