Friday, May 6, 2011

Going Home....Through Eufaula

First of all,,,,I hope I can get this blog in before my internet runs out.  I know that sounds crazy but before I left last week my internet was down.  In my determination, I decided that
1) I could fix it myself.....
2) It would fix itself....
neither happened.
So, right now I am sitting outside on some neighbor's internet.  Not sure who's but it's a very weak signal which keeps goin in and out. Maybe they're catching on that I'm a thief!.
I have to admit, it's nice outside this a.m.  The fish in the lake are jumpin like crazy!!! Nice cool breeze in the air.  It's going to be a beautiful day here at Lake Oconee.
Anyway, I came home by way of Eufaula, Alabama yesterday.
Now, if you've never been through this lovely little town, you must go.
I grew up skiing in the lake there and I would always want my parents to drive through the town so I could see the homes.  Even as a youngster I loved big ole homes.  I dreamed that one day one would be mine.
It's simply delightful y'all!  I struggled to get pics of all of them because of the traffic, but I managed to slip in a few (even though I got quite a few "outta the way lady" shout outs.  (Can you believe that? In a quaint little town in Southern Alabama????)
I woulda used my middle finger, but it was on my camera.
Plus,,,,I was scared to.
So, here for your enjoyment!

 Look!  they even have a haunted house
 the church there is stunning!

Whew, I made it!!!!  Now I'm calling my girl to come fix this dadgum (in true southern slang) internet!
have a fabulous day y'all!

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  1. I love big old homes also!!! How beautiful they are!!!! I love love the haunted house & love you also!!! Be sweet & be careful!!! HAHA keep that finger on the camera!!!!