Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Time for a "new" "old" recipe!!!

I haven't posted any recipes lately!!! Shame on me!
This one is an old staple in the Boggs' fam.  It probably is for you as well.  But, it is sure to please THE MOST picky of eaters.
We just call it "Chicken Casserole"
wow, that's original huh?
Anyway, here's what cha do.....(it's also a great comfort food, which is just what the doc ordered this week)
here we go,,,,start with these items
 boil the chicken til done
 then drain that sucker and let it cool (save the broth)
 again, save the broth
 after that chicks cooled take the chicken off the bone
 take 2 sleeves of crackers and put them in a plastic bag
 and roll them out with a rolling pin to crack up the crackers (this is how I do it!)
 now do this
 oops, this is supposed to be cream of celery. what happened?
 add a carton of this
 awe. just had to snap this while I was cookin.
 oh no!  forgot to tell you to add a can of sliced water chestnuts!!! oops sorry!,
anyway, mix it all up
 add the chicken
 after lining the bottom of the dish with 1/2 of the crackers, just spread the mixture on top
 it should look like this:
 spread the rest of the crackers on top
 laugh at my buddy!
 he's saying "yeahhhhhh Gigi!"
 melt a stick of butter (now,if you melt the butter in the wrapper in the microwave, it doesn't splatter!)
 drizzle the butter on top
 add rice to that broth to make chicken rice
 that rice should look like this! so, so, good
and cook a mixture of lady peas and butter beans straight from Dothan, Alabama. yummerssssss. period
 cook at 350 for 30 minutes!
 There ya have it!!!
Have a FAB Wed y'all!
I'm goin to Birmingham to work on invitations!

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