Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Le Petit Jardin

There is this FABULOUS little flower shoppe in Madison, Georgia that I found through a friend.  Not sure how many know about it.....Well, unless you're a bride.  Cause that's who's doing the flowers.  Oops, I told Callen I wasn't going to reveal any more secrets about the wedding (and I'm not) I just have wedding fever right now and am loving posting wedding stuff!  Not hers, just any weddings.
So anyway, we loaded up the car to head to Madison. All five of us, Jordan, Callen, Evey, Bennett and moi.
To head to Le Petit Jardin.
Oh my, how I love a garden shoppe.  Truly it just brings peace into my life.
And you know what?  It was a welcoming feeling!
Planning a wedding is not for sissy's as most of you know.
Anyway, I had to take some pics for you to ponder!

 OH I just HAD to have one of these. Are they not the cutest thing EVER????
 I love hydrangeas!

 there those dogs are again!
 Sold, I named her "Prissy" (Cooper needs a girlfriend)
 this is ornamental oregano.  We thought it was so beautiful!
 then Evey wanted to take some pics.  She's got some beautiful lips.  No lip injections in her future!!!
 and of Lil B who just couldn't take it anymo.
 Boo the bride
 and mom (the wedding planner)
Have a wonderful day y'all!!!


  1. Please tell me this place has a website! I must, must, must have one of those dogs!! Or ten!

  2. I found it! http://www.madisonflowergarden.com/

  3. Hey Create a mess! (that should be my name!
    No website, but phone number is
    Thanks for posting!!!

  4. I just love y'alls family and your blogs about this wedding!!! I get excited to see a new post every day! :)