Sunday, May 15, 2011

I just love a beautiful wedding

And this one was.
From Birmingham to Nashville, I drove a record speed of 90 to make it!
This will be mostly pics y'all, cause, I don't know what to say, except for the fact that one of my all time besties and hubby put on THE MOST beautiful wedding EVER. Not to mention that the bride was STUNNING.
First of all, there's this "sink hole" in their neighbors yard (I hope I'm telling you this right)
Well, they made it into "the wedding hole chapel.  Such a beautiful setting that I don't think my pics will do it justice.  Just imagine.  One thing that 'fa-reaked" me out?  I asked Wayne how many were there?  I was assuming 400 +.  He said oh about 250.  Heart attack.  That's how many we are expecting. He had to be wrong.  There were SO many people there.  And, I've decided since we will be on the grass, we're offering flip flops to our guest. (Thank you Barb for your flip flops last night)
My Jimmy's are gonna have to go to the cleaners.
Anyway, here we go with this spectacular event!!!
The ceremony

 my friend Kobie and hubs (isn't she beautiful)  and sweeter than sweet

 I'm not "stealing" this idea, it was already in the works for Callen's wedding!!!

 Thought these were precious
 there were tons of kids there which I love, and they all wanted to dance!
 even the boys!
 sister of the bride huggin one of my besties
and my besties hub.  Don't ask me who he is, but he's one of my faves.  If you ask me, I'll have every "wanna" be singers bangin at my door. Period
 Barb looked stunning as usual!
 I love her so much

 Me telling her how beautiful she looked and how beautiful the wedding was
 there's those princesess! minus one :(  Suz we missed you!

 I just wanna say that I've never heard so many comments from men and women alike about the back of Christie's dress.  Beautiful

 more buds!
 No, that's not her brother, that's her father!
 with an emotional moment.
 not only was the cake beautiful, it was OMG so yummy.  One layer strawberry, the other cream. (I had both) why of course!

 this lil guys wanted to dance so bad!

 sweetest pic I got in my opinion!

 There she is!!! Best friend to me, let's me shack at her house whenever I need to, takes special care of me.  I love you Connie!
 Simply beautiful!
 and her grand daughter.  What an absolute doll
 Loved this!!!

 Not to put the pressure on....but next wedding???? (Sorry Beth!)
It was such a spectacular night.  I had such a wonderful time seeing my Nashville buds.
I miss them terribly and love it when I get to see them!
Today?  A baby shower here for one of my favorite friends of Jordan's.
They will be revealing the sex of the baby!!! update.  Got the shoes for the bridesmaids!, Callen's dance dress, her bridemaid's luncheon dress, her wedding shoes, and lastly her engagement party dress!
We did a little "speed shoppin!" Oh, but they are so beautiful....
Have a fabulous day y'all!

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