Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"One of the Few of my Favorite Things!"

We have decided to have a different flavor for each layer (people can go back and get 5 pieces of cake:)))
Now, which one would you pic?
Secret.....cake choosing is my favorite part!
and just fyi, no real flowers on the cake, so if you see them on these pics? just forget you saw them.
 LOVE the first one!!!
and an up close of that beaut.

 ....be still my heart.  Is this not just gorgeous?????

 oh me, oh my.....

we are also using a really cool "rustic" stand since it's out here at the lake.
oh, and PS, none of these were chosen.  Keepin secrets!!!
and no silver for Callimo.
Champagne yes, silver no.
Today?  Meeting with the caterer!
have a "sweet" day y'all!


  1. How fun!! I LOVED the Martha Stewart Weddings Cake book! It had so many beautiful cakes and ideas in it! I remember just going into the bookstore and sitting on the floor and looking at them all because I didn't want to buy the book! :) I did different flavors for each layer as well. I picked 3 and they alternated between the 6 tiers. Red velvet, Marble, and Vanilla! :) Have a fun day!

    PS: here's the book!


  2. Love the layers - my nephew did that last summer. I thought that Christie's strawberry cake last weekend was the best ever - I went over there yesterday for more! You probably already know about these but just in case - ask about Italian Meringue Buttercream (or Swiss; same thing just different technique). They make wedding cake even better which is just about impossible to do! Enjoyed seeing you Saturday, loved your dress! Nancy M