Friday, May 27, 2011

Yikes! The Invitations!

Invitations are SO much fun!!! Not to mention ummmmm  $$$$$$$
and speaking of money, do wedding people get together and decide that everything is going to be 2,500.00?  I really think they do!

I could look at 
for hours and hours.
But, I'm one who loves stationary.  Especially beautiful stuff.
I, however, am hand making the bride and grooms'.  Well, not the printing.  Callen and I came up with what we think is a beautiful design, with the help of our wonderful friend
Jim Anderson who is doing all of the printing,  WOW!  I mean I just have to give a shout out to him and his business.
The UPS store in Vestavia, Alabama
Kwik Kopy in the heart of Vestavia. Please be sure to go pay him a visit, he's wonderful!!!
Jim. Thank you from the bottom of our
NO... hearts will not be on the invitations.
This won't be either
I still laugh every time I see this invitation!
First of all, my images are SO blurry!!! It's driving me crazy!  If any of you have suggestions for my blog inept brain to get my images to go larger without being blurry, please write me! In the meantime, so sorry!
Anyway, one thing I've learned is that wedding invitations just aren't what they used to be. Which was plain.  Very plain and simple.  Now, anything goes and I love it!!!

Is this not adorable?

and finally, oh be still my heart!!!

 oh this blurriness is driving me CRAZY!!!!
have a wonderful day guys!

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  1. eek. thanks for reminding us of our own wedding days today is my 11th anniversary. and it seems like yesterday- we had a get this $5000 budget and it was BEAUTIFUL!! Can you believe that only 11 years ago you could plan a wedding on that slim budget?? My invites we simple and elegant and I wouldnt change a thing about em....
    ps I wanted to tell you what my mom did for my wedding gift: she freeze dried my bouquet and it is framed in our dining room- everyone compliments it !! I dont know who is in the business for that these days?