Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dresses I Love!

First of all, I have been told that two people would rather keep their wedding a secret.
So, no more blogging about weddings :(  sorry guys, I know it's fun to read about every aspect of wedding planning but I want to respect their wishes.
SO. on to "what to wear to a summer party"
I found THE cutest BCBG dress at Bloomies yesterday and can't find it anywhere to show you!!!
I will show you the shoes that go with it.  Got the last pair and mine are in grey, so use your imagination.
Maybe I'll just take a pic (when the sun comes up and post it)
Okay, the sun's up, took the pic.  Now, I am going to make an eyelet slip to go under this to lengthen this dress.  It's just to darn short for this 51 yr. old

the shoes....they're in grey so use your imagination.
and by the way, it's Niemans that's causing my pics to be blurry.  errrrg.
anyway, some summer dresses that I love!

 Is this not dreamy????

 a little too much like a slip but some can pull it of. (not me!!!)

 and finally, I ordered this for a special ocassion that I won't mention....
Had totally decided before it got here that I didn't need to spend the $ so I had planned to send it back.  Tried it on....OMG. go to Niemans and get this dress.  It is SO flattering, and the color is beautiful!
Have a fabulous Saturday y'all!  I get to play golf!!! yeahhhh!

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  1. You are SO stylish!!!! I'm loving the dreamy dress and the coral dress too! Both so beautiful!