Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"The Red Bar" and who's obsessed wit da news?

I'll admit it.....I'm a news junky.  Especially when something like killing Usama Bin Laden happens.
So glad to get rid of that monster.
My worry, however is we will get some residual effects from this and "W" is headed back to NY today.
Please pray for the safety of our country.
Okay, my obsession is out of da way!
I KNOW if you've been down to the panhandle of Florida, you haven't missed The Red Bar.
I really believe everyone in the world has been there.  And what a cash cow!  They only take checks (seriously who takes checks anymore) and cash.  Anyway, the place is decorated like a hum,,,,,,brothel?
Funny story here (well it is in my certain circle of friends from Nashville atleast.)  My bud Susie and I (along with 10 other friends were sitting on the couches waiting for a table listening to the band).  This was oh 13 years ago.  Anyway Susie always attracts men wherever she goes.  Young and old.  Well this man who was about 85 sat down next to her.  I remember he had these thick Carl Lagerfield looking glasses on.  She whispered over to me "this man smells like pee"  ewe.  So next thing you know he's curled up next to her with his head on her shoulder sound asleep.  I'm not kidding y'all!  So, I nicknamed him
"Susie's dead boyfriend"  
We still talk about him every time we get together.
Even though now he really IS dead.
So, anywhoo.  We went there last night!  Oh, and you better be hungry just fyi. It's in Grayton Beach....so, so, fun!
Evey is really learning how to smile for the camera!!!! my preciousness!
 see why they call it "The Red Bar"?
 The menus are on chalkboards!

two of my angels!

 Lil B gets a good squeeze a lot of times!!!
have a wonderful Tuesday y'all!


  1. I've missed the Red Bar, but looks like a great time...love the pictures of your darling family!!

  2. I LOVE the Red Bar!! Can't wait to head that way this summer. Love all your cute family pics!! XOXO