Sunday, August 8, 2010


Today I'm 51......
Now, I'm not asking for a birthday wish, (although me being me, I LOVE birthdays!!)
but, I do wanna tell all of you out there that are over 50 or reaching that stage that
ya know?
it ain't that bad!
As a matter of fact, it's sort of a freeing moment in your life.
At least it was/is for me.
Last year was one of those "outta body life experience years"
I made a decision to "try" everything that I've put off "trying" for years and years.
My theory,,,,,what's it gonna hurt?  I'm 50.  A VERY freeing moment for some reason.
So, this is what I've done.
I started taking golf seriously (after just messin around with the clubs for about 3 yrs.).  I finally shot my best 87
it has sort of trumped my tennis game as of late
I also got really serious about painting.  Now...about painting.....I've wanted to really, and I mean really, really paint for some time. I haven't because I'm a little obsessive/compulsive (ya think?)
and I knew if I did (start painting) I wouldn't be able to put it down.  PLUS, I was scared of the criticism.  Well, 50 said to me,,,,,don't worry what people say! You're 50, you can handle it! Since I started, I have sold well over 50 paintings!
I started this blog.....
now.... I started out with about 8 hits a day, and am now up to (recently) about 300.  Thank you for reading!!!!

Next, I've been on some wonderful trips.  I've been on the boat with some fun friends twice!, and been with hubby on a few fun trips.
BUT, I have to say my birthday trip to Napa with hubby and the kids had to be the most fun
AND to San Fran
AND something REALLY exciting happened on Friday (besides the bebe)
Gregory got to give Joe "Willie" Namath (yep) a 3 hour tour of the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame
well, he gave him a print of my "Missing Bear"
"Willy" went "nuts" over it! Even so much that he got my address to send me a thank you note.
Along with that, he signed a postcard that said "Welcome to the world Baby Cate/Bennett" 
Joe "Willie" Namath
(this was before we knew it was a boy)!
WOW what a way to come on in to this world!!!
I"ll post a pic tomorrow!!!
side bar....the prints can be purchased at
sorry, gotta support a few habits of mine!!!!
I just know that Little Bennet Elkins is going to make 51 even more special!.
I love this little man already, so much I could squeal!!!
OH!  I almost forgot......Pinocchio won out. Here it is in a rough stage.  Perfect for my lil man's room!
I'll post a pic when it's finished!!!
Thanks for reading ya'll!
It's gonna be a spectacular day! (and year)


  1. Yeah!! Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day! We might be able to leave this morning, so we can't wait to celebrate!!

  2. Happy Birthday to you! What a wonderful year you have had and what a great early b-day present: a new grandbaby?! Hope you have a great day!

  3. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Boggs! I hope it's the best birthday and year yet!!

  4. Happy Birthday Kendall! You deserve the best day and year they have to offer!! I can't believe all of the things you are so great at. Good for you for sticking to everything!! Can't wait to see more pictures!

    Konie and Ken :))

  6. happy happy birthday
    you make 51 look beautiful and easy!!