Thursday, August 19, 2010

Before and After

I'll admit, I haven't been happy with "Lil Bitt's" room.
ya know, it just wasn't poppin with me. AT ALL.  Well, first of all since we didn't know the sex it was hard to finish.  But then when we did find out, we finished it and it still wadn't poppin.  So, I got busy yesterday and did a few little touch ups. 
First, here's the before:
Now look at the after.  What a difference a lamp and some polka dots make! (oh and thank you Jess for making the frames!) we love them!
just curious....should we do a red pillow for the chair with his monogram on it? or leave it be?  And should I stain over the frames (to antique them and tone them down a bit)? we still gotta get some good pics of him to put in them.  Oh, and we're putting red knobs on the dresser today.  Not sure I'm lovin the lamp shade either. hum.  It doesn't look as good in the pic as it does in person.  It's just a little rustic for this playful room.  Something's still not blending. (Callen thinks it looks like Alabama Football...did I really say that)
(They're Ole Miss fans)
What cha think ya'll?
 Let me leave you with a new pic of this sweet lil man.  oh, he is just the sweetest little cuddle bug!


  1. CUTE! I love the idea of red knobs!!! Great way to bring the red over. Its so cute!
    I might have to bounce some ideas for Gray's big boy room. And well if we have a girl, I don't even know where to begin. Oh and I like the idea of the pillow with a monogram.

  2. I like the red pillow idea with a monogram. Red...isn't that your favorite color? I remember a segment you did on how much you like red where you showed photos from all over your kitchen and home. Red really does Pop it baby!

  3. LOVE the picture! Oh my gosh i just want to steal him!!! I love the idea of the red knobs and love the idea of the red monogram pillow!! I really think that it would add just a little extra color to the room!

  4. I agree with pillow,distressing frames, and hmmm what about that lamp shade, definitely needs a little sumpin! But to keep it from getting craftsy, what to do with lamp? Maybe wait till other touches are added and see!

  5. I agree w/ the pillow and like the frames as is... red knobs will be cute, and maybe add a shade of blue or yellow to the room, b/c w/ just red, white and gray-- and Joe's autograph, it does have a UA feel....b/c if you put a UA football in there, it wouldn't look out of place, you know? It is a beautiful room though!!