Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home, again, home again, jiggity, jig.

Gigi howse?
Yes, I am officially talking in baby talk, with maybe a little ghetto thrown in at times.  (Evey talks a little ghetto every now an then), so....
I can't help myself.
I arrived home last night to this!
my new table!!! What a wonderful surprise....and,,,,the house was straight!  THANK U honey! (that was a REALLY nice surprise!!!)
what a difference a table makes....and a rug,,,I was amazed at how it expanded my room.
and I also found all of this! from my sweet buds
cards and gifts and gift from these three sweet buds and others (that I don't have pics of!)
Connie.....isn't she beautiful?
and the equally, equally beautiful Karen
.....and the equally, equally, equally beautiful Cindy and handsome Sykes!
and a wonderful little baby gift from this beautiful, sweet friend!
who, by the way has an emerging designer son who is showing his clothing line in non other than
....Harrod's of London!  Wes Gordon (i'll find the link)
What a wonderful surprise to arrive home to that!!! Thank you my sweet friends!  I love each and every one of my gifts almost as much as I love all of you!!!
I'll leave you with the sunrise this mornin
I can feel it....fall is just around the corner (yeah right....)
have a better than great day ya'll!!!


  1. Love your new table...W is the BEST gift giver EVER!!! What a sweet sweet hubby............Can't wait to see it in person, as well as ,the new G'baby....

  2. Great rug - we need one for our family room. Hubby likes showcasing the hardwood - I would prefer to soften the room a bit. We'll see. Your home is lovely, as is your view. Yes, please let fall be around the corner!