Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Joe Namath and more art!

Well.....the day "Lil Bitt" (that's what Evers calls him) was born, Gregory was busy at work....
Giving Joe "Willie" Namath a tour of the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame (where my sweet little big boy works).
Some of you may know this but I'll repeat myself cause remember? I'm 51 and I can. And by the way it's a FABULOUS place to visit if you're ever in Birmingham.
Anyway, as a gift, Gregory gave "Willie" one of my "Missing Bear" signed and numbered prints.  Joe LOVED it (according to G).  Even enough to post this picture on his (Joe Namath's) website! That's Willie and Gregory!
WOW.  Let's talk about excitement!!!  That was as close to giving the "Bear" himself one in my book. Okay, now surely you all know who Joe Namath is.  If you don't, just google him and scroll through 1000 pages of google.
I have given Alabama Sports Hall of Fame the rights to series 400 - 500 of these signed and numbered prints.  All ya gotta do is go to their website to order
Now....on to more new art for the MBA Art Show (in Nashville) which starts August 31st.
Here we go!

"Blue Water II"

"Blue Water I"

"Red Boat on the Lake"

"Changing Leaves"

and this is a donation for the Swan Coach Houses' "Flea Market" event September 23.
It will be part of their silent auction!

I haven't had a chancee to post any of these on my web site but they are available for purchase through me.  Just send me a sweet lil message and I'll give you more info.

Have a wonderful day ya'll!

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