Sunday, August 15, 2010

Designing Cheap.....and not so cheap

These came from three places
1) Ballards - average
2) West Elm - cheap
3) Anthropologie - well.....

you know, I did design work for 15 or so years, so I've got a little bit of experience in that area.  HOWEVER, times are a changin,,,and I've been out of the loop for a while now, so, I may seem a little rusty.
I do know, however what I like.  I was known (sorta) as a "cheap designer".  But, have designed homes from Nashville, to Kiawah Island, to Watercolor, then back to Atlanta on all different budgets. I even did work for some pretty famous people....i.e Alan Jackson? (just a little stuff),  But I did do the drummer for Billy Joel's house (the entire house)
I was just doodling on my puter this morning and decided to look up a few things I like.  I'll try to keep them in order in case you're interested in looking them up.

These came from Ballards and I consider to be in the "moderate" category

oh, and this bed can be ordered in an array of different fabrics as well as most of their furniture.

this chair is a copy of a Restoration Hardware chair that I've lusted over for a while now
I think someone copied one of my paintings......

love this little daybed.  Two would be great in a kids room (in a different fabric)
now on to some stuff from West that store/catalog

I think this headboard (king size is something like 450.00)

now throw this throw from Anthro on for a pop of color

and more West Elm stuff (the throw goes with this too!)
and so does this painting (hint, hint)

Then from Anthro (if you can bust your budget)
do it, I know you can!!!! I LOVE THIS BED!!!!
and lamp
they have a lot of Moroccan style items right now.  I love this.
And you can throw that yellow duvet from West Elm at the end of the bed
this chair would go marvelous dahling
love it

and then there's the wallpaper

oops, I almost forgot.....from West Elm.  I thought this lighting was super dooper cool

Oh, and two GREAT gift ideas from Anthro.
I absolutely LOVE everything in this line
and then there's cute is that?
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Have a great Sunday ya'll!


  1. This is the second time I have seen your paintings in my wanderings through blogs. So distinctive! I knew at once it was the same artist. COlor is so rich and beautiful and so much emotion in each one. One in particular evoked, for me, a current of sadness and at the same time a strong desire to search for simple joys. Call me crazy! Most paintings do not do that to me! Keep painting!

  2. WOW!!! thank you so much Jayne! I am SO honored!