Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Turtle Burgers and Deep Fried Mac and Cheese Balls

Let me just tell you how many calories we consumed last night...
You've all seen those little big "turtle burgers" floating [no pun intended] around the Internet huh?
WELL.....I decided to make a really big FAT meal in honor of the FULL moon last night.
Boy were we all FULL after it.
We had such a wonderful time with good friends. We sat and ate and watched as this beautiful scarlet and yellow moon rose from the lake.  It was truly beautiful.  
okay, now to the food.
this is the finished product (or should I say project?)
we were lucky,,,,we didn't need a defibrillator
(we did need some Lipitor and Zantac however)
here the meal was on the plate with a deep fried macaroni and cheese ball.  I threw in some grilled asparagus um, well, just to be healthy.
Here's how to do em.
First, this is what cha need
First, you need a lot, and I mean a lot of ground chuck.  I used about 5 lbs. for 10 folks
I added some chopped up garlic (for health purposes)
smash em into a circle
then add the dogs to these little puppies.  What cha do is take one dog and point the tail, then smash it into the center of the burger.  Then take two dogs, cut them in half and then half them down the middle.  Be sure to slice the feet (3 of them ) for looks.  Smash those into the meat at an angle.
Then, smash another patty on top of the previous one.  Be sure to smash down the sides and sort of "tuck" the hamburger meat into the other meat.  Does that make sense???  You basically don't want them coming apart.
then add the cheese (I used Velveeta slices).  I probably would just use regular cheese if I make these again, (which I really think I will!) I think the Velveeta melted too much.
then the final fat free moment.......wrap these suckers in non the less.......bacon.  OMG
(you actually weave the bacon around the turtle burger.)  Aren't they cute?  Isn't your mouth watering and your stomach growling (or grossing out one)
Alrighty,,,,stick some toothpicks in the legs to secure, and loosely wrap them with foil.  Cook them at 400 for 30 - 40 minutes. (that's at least what the recipe says.)
What I learned?????? 30 - 40 minutes don't cut it...It's more like an hr. or so.....Also, you need a deeper pan. We had a grease fire.....(which was fun with 10 people there) Take the foil off towards the end and let them brown.  I think the bacon coulda been a little crispier.
Now,,,,,on to the deep fried mac and cheese balls.  EASY need a deep fryer.
Mix these ingredients:
1 lb. cooked elbow macaroni
2 cans cream of celery soup
2 cups sharp cheddar cheese
1 cup parm. cheese
Let that refrigerate overnight
this is what it looks like at this point
then roll em into baseball size balls.  Dip them into 3 mixed eggs and roll them around into some bread crumbs
And,,,,they look like this!
then deep fry them (that's the really easy ....and smelly part)
and enjoy your night with friends

we had such a wonderful time!  and truly the burgers were delicious!  I will definitely make them again.  And they make for great convo.
Now, I'll leave you with this.  Okay, I was all ready for bed last night and walk into the bedroom to this.....that's MY side of the bed......
later, ya'll!


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! just my kind of food!!!!!!!! Will get Ken into it too:)))) Yes...I have MUCH MUCH to be done for weekend, but I always can count on you for a daily (lately) blog as you awaken in the wee hours each day!! between wedding emails, i just checked your blog and can't WAIT to make all you cooked!! Will miss you this weekend and tell Evey HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks again for your part in OUR life:)

  2. Yet another reason why I love the South! Yum!

  3. Hilarious picture of the dog! I think I need you to come to my house a few days....

  4. Great twist on this recipe my step son asked for these for his birtday dinner he turns 18 on the 22. I belive we will use your adaptation for him. He has joined the National Guard and will be away all summer at basic,then off to college in fall. Its the least we can do for him. Maybe in those first weeks of hating life and the military he will remember these little guys and how tasty they were! Jim