Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Pretty Good Try!

Okay, Jordan and I took Evey and Lil "B" for an outing today.  We went to a place called "BIG" Lots.  Well, it was a first for me.  Have you ever heard of BIG Lots? I don't mean any disrespect to those of you who love this store, but "I" wasn't all that impressed. Maybe it's like Tuesday Morning..Sometimes it's good, sometimes,, not so much. We dropped in there after going to a real favorite of mine Hobby Lobby cause we're lookin for a ton of stuff for Ever's b'day.  I WAS however impressed with this find!!!
BIG Marshmallows.
This is how big these things really are!
We've been tossing around ideas for Ever's  birthday party and an idea popped into my mind.  Chocolate covered marshmallows!
So.....we experimented with these BIG things. Now... I would love some input here as to doing these better than we did.  They didn't turn out terrible, but let's just say there's a lot of room for improvement.
First we got some of this:
and melted it in the microwave
I had a lil helper 
Okay, first, we needed Popsicle sticks, but all we had were skewers...and the marshmallows were a little heavy for the skewers so when if you do these, remember,,,,Popsicle sticks rule.
we rolled the marshmallow around in the white chocolate
then we used colored sprinkles to cover them
well isn't that a great pic???? you can't even tell what I'm doin! I was sprinkling sprinkles on them.
I also had these cute little candy dots that I put on them
side note.  Let the chocolate set up a bit before putting the dots on them.  They were sliding off.
I also think we're gonna do milk chocolate when we actually make them for the party.  Or maybe a mixture.
Here is our finished experiment.

They're kinda cute huh?  And OMG....they are SO good. (And low fat....) If anyone out there has done anything like these, pa-lease advise!!! 
Also, a must,,,,put em on wax paper.
We've got some other great ideas to pop up this party so stay tuned!!!
Have fun ya'll!


  1. Very cute...I especially like the one with the candy dots! For Lucy's first birthday, I made marshmallow sucker favor thingys. I found some pink marshmallows and stacked white and pink (maybe 4 or 5 total) on a skewer and then wrapped it in a small cellphane bag and tied it with a bow...super easy and cute! We can't wait for Eveys party!!

  2. Love me some Big Lots...That's where I bought your b'day present...Matter of fact I am headed into Greenwood tomorrow to hopefully buy some pink flamingo's, I hope!!! Love the marshmallow's...cute..

  3. cute cute Kendall!! I got to see Bennett at Costco last week. he's adorable, and looks just like his handsome dad! and Evey looks like her beautiful mom!! Too sweet:) AFTER next Sat.(Evey's birday party and jess's wedding) hopefully I can come see you on one of your trips to bham AND one of my trips BACK to Bham:)Have fun always have great ideas!!

  4. oh i'm your party girl- what is your theme-
    my daughter and i just made the sprinkled chocolate covered marshmellow and they were as you say.... yummers!!
    we used the mini marshmellows with toothpicks -it made it easy for her to do most of the work (which she prefers) and they turned out beautiful-
    I melted semi sweet chocolate chips and a little milk on the stove while little miss worked on putting the marshmellows on toothpicks- and i put a variety of sprinkles in a muffin pan - lots of color- shapes and sizes- to dip from
    kids love marshmellows- chocolate and sprinkles so it's a win win recipe and EASY
    and yes. wax paper a MUST!

  5. I make a version of your yummy marshmellow treats, but instead of the chocolate I use icing made of confectioner's sugar, a little vanilla & a little water. Then I add whatever sprinkles the occasion calls for... Yum! Your family is beautiful.