Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Still no bebe

I remember the feeling. Day after day, waitin for those contractions to come, anything, water to break, whatever, just SOMETHING happen!  Jordan's due date was yesterday.  With me, Jordan was a week late, Gregory was THREE weeks late (who let's somebody go that long?????) and Callen was a week early.  SO, I can totally relate to what Jordan is going through.  And then everyone says "that baby will come when it's ready, just be patient".  NO!!!  I don't wanna be patient!!!! I want it out NOW!!! I really remember that feeling! Hang in there sweetie....and remember...."walk it out"! I want to show you a photo from a VERY talented young lady who has a VERY promising photography career ahead of her.
She is 15...need I say more?
First, this is my precious daughter Jordan and g-baby Evelyn Grace
by Elizabeth Ann King
isn't she amazing?

now on to some REALLY preggers
just to humor you J (btw....these were not taken by Elizabeth Ann)
and,,,,,I've always wondered what happens to a tatoo on your stomach when you get pregnant....hum
wow. wonder if that tat was like 1/4" when she started out????

I guess this bebe's name is Owen Doyle
look how sweet this is.
oh, wait!!! I didn't have my glasses on, I thought that was a dog kissing her stomach (I'm serious!)
how sweet
I bet this one was feeling a little like Jordan right now!
I actually thought this was really cute!
and finally, just for you J!
I'll keep you posted!!!!


  1. That' is so funny....Beautiful picture of Jordan and Little E

  2. You are hilarious! And YES that photography is amazing! Going to check out her site now and send to all my friends in Bham... if that's where she is.

    It's strange you commented today. I've been so behind on the blog world and thinking just last night that I needed to go visit your blog and see if you had a new grandchild yet!

  3. OH eakphotography is wonderful- I loved reading her about me and she made it about God- her grace and gift is well displayed thanks for sharing!!
    I also wanted to say I dont know if you have heard of the magazine SKIRT- but it is adored here in SC it reaches the Columbia, Aiken Augusta area - didn't know if you were interested in adverstising your work. I think you can check them out online at

  4. Hi Kendall! My name is Molly & I found your blog thru Abby M. I adore your work! Wanted to come out of hiding and introduce myself. I have family that lives in Madison & have frequented Reynolds & The Ritz at Lake Oconee many a time! Small world! Nice to 'meet' you. Hope you get that grandbaby soon! Stop by to see me sometime.
    Molly R
    ps I tried your Rotel Dip on French bread & it was heaven, absolute heaven! Thanks for sharing!