Friday, August 20, 2010

I have a confession to make

I have a serious addiction....
I'm addicted to these.  Scratch off lottery tickets.
I usually walk out of the store with them in a brown bag....
All I ever win is a "free ticket
It's a good thing I've been in Alabama this week cause they don't sell em here.  This week has been my 3 step program.  But, I can't wait to get back to Georgia...
HELP ya'll!


  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I have some my car I need to cash in to buy some more....You forgot to put in the ROOSTER BOOSTER...

  2. I buy Florida Lotto tickets for 26 weeks at a time. I’ve been doing that since the very first week of Lotto back in the 1980’s. Of course mine is not an addiction – I’m just being practical since I have to drive all the way from Mobile to Pensacola to buy them. :)

    Beth Wages Johnson

  3. I knew you & Paul had alot in common. My family loves Lotto tickrts. Thank goodness they don`t sell them in Alabama.HAHA