Friday, August 13, 2010

Press on Toenails

Can you see a trend here?  I'm trying to blog everyday.  Sometimes, however, it's pretty tough to think of THAT many things to talk about.
However, in honor of Jordan (and Callen for thinking of these) I'm posting this.....
Press on Toenails (you get them at CVS)
now, why is this in honor of Jordan???
WEll, before she went into labor, she needed her toenails polished and didn't have time to...oh dear.. well. of course, every woman knows that when they're about to  have a baby they need  to have beautifully polished toes.

So....Callen found these. Callen had to put them on her because J couldn't reach her toes!!! Anyway, these are both hysterical AND ingenious! (sorry for rattin you out J, but i knew you'd laugh at this) oh, and a bonus....nail art is included! OMG!...Watch out all you nail salons on every corner of Atlanta, you've got some competition out there. They're only 5 smackers
Now,,,,this made for hilarious conversation at 3 a.m. when we were all in her room waitin on baby Bennett..and waitin,,,,,and waitin.......
the only problem with,,,,if you lose one in the delivery room.  oops.
I personally thought this girls looked pretty decent.
oh, and the flowers just make this pic, don't you think????

Now check out these!
ewe. (not sure these are fake) hope you didn't just lose yo breafast.
and, btw, if you google "press on toenails" and the image thingy comes up...I mean people really take pictures of some REALLY gross feet, seriously.  Amazing

and, I'm still in my "ghetto mode"
later ya'll!
OH,,,,,,I almost forgot!!! It's about time for a giveaway.  (in honor of my new baby boy)
Stay tuned, you won't wanna miss this one!


  1. On quickly to tell you I saw your precious new grandson yesterday AND Evey!! ANd Jordan and Costco! Bennett looks just like Eric and Evey like Jordan. BEAUTIFUL!!! Hope to see you on another visit. getting ready for justin's wedding tomorrow...actually his REHEARSAL dinner here:) Ken is here helping us....he is amazing:))))thank you:)) ok..NOW much check on weather for outside dinner tonight:))

  2. OH Konie!!! SO excited for you (and Justin and his future wife). I am wishing for wonderful weather and a wonderful event. I'll be back in Bham next week. If you're there, I'd love to do lunch! Tell Ken I love em and thank YOU making him happy and him for making you so happy as well.
    YOU two are PERFECT for one another!!!

  3. I sported the Broadway nails waaaaay back when, but never saw the toenails!

  4. Ghet-Toes - thanks for my laugh of the morning! I remember getting pedicures before both of my babies were born. The last indulgence before the big event!