Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm headed to Nashville for the art show

My car is packed to the rim....I mean seriously folks, I don't even know how "I" fit.  I'm now in Birmingham after my fun shopping excursion in Atlanta with did I mention one of my favorite people in the whole wide world? E.  We found some really cute things...but no new Manolos :( wait, I think "E" found some! OMG they looked fabulousa on her.... jealous....(I know "W" is so happy to hear that I didn't find those gold shoes I'm still sobbing over)
Anyway, I'm here for a "sip and see" for Baby Bitt (who by the way is now a whopping 10.3 lbs.! and Ever's two yr. birthday party.  She's already gotten this from Elizabeth who is WAY too generous.
Evey was absolutely bouncin off the walls when I walked in with both arms packed full of goody bags filled with gifts from Elizabeth.  
Thank you my sweet friend!
and!  we finally finished Lil Bitt's room.  I wish you coulda seen me carrying this giraffe through Brookwood Hospital.  I saw it when my mom was there (who is doing great by the way) and just thought it added the finishing touch to his room.  We still have to stain the frames and put some cute pics in there, but for the most part, we're done!
I feel like I'm never home.  Wait,,,,I AM never home.  I have this, well, I'm calling her my new"assistant" and thank you Lord!  She takes care of my house, and...she even cut and highlighted my hair the other day.  OMG she is wonderful and I'm saving her for another blog!
Anyway back to Nashville.  Not to sound redundant, (because I know I've pounded this in your head a million times!), but....The MBA (Montgomery Bell Academy)'s annual art show starts Tuesday.  If you live in Nashville, consider yourself invited.  I will be there Tuesday night and it will run for 3 weeks.  I won't be there the entire time, just Tuesday night.   Along with 7 of my very bestest buds.  I am so excited to see them and spend time with them that I'm about to bust a gut! Don't worry, you WILL see pics.  I promise.  haha!
Anyway, I'm down to 16 paintings that I'll be showing.  I've sold four before the show even starts!....can I get a 
"whoop" "whoop"!
Come see me!  in the meantime...these two are officially "off" the market.
My two favorite paintings have found a new love.  And I am SO excited for them!!

Have a wonderful, blessed day ya'll!


  1. Good luck with the art show - love those paintings, just gorgeous.

  2. Who would've thought a 6 ft tall giraffe would look so great? It must be your "eye"! I love the pillow in the chair, too! See you at the party!