Friday, August 20, 2010

Dadgumit! and some new pics of Lil Bint

On two counts! Dadgumit!
Now in the "urban dictionary" (or if you're from the South) "Dadgumit means dadblastit, dadgum, darnit, dadburnit, and gaul-darnit..
I'm just gonna say it.
Dadgumit, Dadgumit, Dadgumitttttttt!
My mom's back in the hospital.
Her wound just won't heal, so they had to open er back up and stick a vacuum in there. Hope you're not eating breakfast.
My mom said "think it's like a real vacuum? Well, I jokingly said "sure mom" they're gonna attach a Hoover on your leg.  Well,,,,,we found out, it's actually sorta like that. ewe.
They're also doing cultures to make sure there isn't any staff.
ergggggggggggg, she'll be there til Tuesday
On another Dadgumit, I got to listen to and meet this wonderful legend.
He said "Dadgumit" probably 30 times tonight!
What a great man and SO entertaining!!!
um, in case you don't recognize him, he is THE Coach Bobby Bowden.

Now....I have to leave you with some dadgum cute pics of Lil Bitt.  I will tell you, I have a new respect for those photographers out there that photograph newborns.  It ain't easy.  AT ALL
Sorry Eric, but I think he might be yelling "Roll Tide" We're number one!!!!
I'm a-okay
and snuggling with Aunt Boo.

Please say a little prayer for my mom.   She is the most dadgum positive person I know!
(and that is what Coach Bowden preached about tonight)
it makes all the difference in the world!
Later ya'll!

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  1. will be praying for your mom- and you
    i invite you to read my latest blog entry it may help to give you some peace