Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Goin Home

Today I'm goin home :(
Back to one of my favorite things......
The Sunrise at the Lake :)
I think J has it under control!
anyway.....I'm just a 3 1/2 hour drive away in case she need huh baby granmomma.
OH guess what??
yes, Bloody Mary's ARE my favorite drink.
But that's not what the guessing is about
Callen is working at one of my VERY favorite $hops!
AND... I get a discount!
SO we went on a little $hopping $pree yesterday.
I've officially named myself a "top"a-holic....(I know, I know)
Here are our goodies!

Now THIS is one cute top right here.

Do you see a theme here??? I like neutral

I'm thinking this is really cute for fall
but...I couldn't even imagine putting something like that on in this heat. I mean I couldn't imagine Callen puttting something on like this.  WAY to young for me.
Is anyone else sick and tired of this HOT weather????
Still, I loved this look

And, isn't this SO cute???? The coffee cups are going to go so perfectly with Callen's turquoise and chocolate grey colors

and these are too!

we couldn't resist this little "Pop Up" book for Evers
If you have a child, this is the BEST pop-up book I've ever seen
and would be a great gift.  You wouldn't believe the detail
Callen is a "pro" at picking things out for me and talking me into I mean helping me spend money.  I'm just wonderin how much of that paycheck will actually make it into her bank account.  Well, if it were me....I mean, I love Anthro and all
Later ya'll!


  1. Love that pic of your daughter and grandbaby - it reminds me of when my little boy was a newborn. How cool is it that your other daughter is working at Anthro? Tres jealous!

  2. I used to work at Anthro! Is she working here in Birmingham or somewhere else??