Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another appetizer and more.....

Still no bebe....
you must think I'm addicted to making appetizers.
Well, just so happens that last night we went on a boat ride over to Great Waters (a part of Reynolds where we live) to enjoy an evening of Tapas Bar fun!
with.....a REALLY fun group of people! doctor, who by the way, is the best Doc in the whole wide world.  He takes very good care of my family and me....and, he and his beautiful wife are a lot of fun!
I'm not sure what he was doing here but probably telling me not to do what I was doing....maybe consulting me on that last glass of champagne that I had last night.  my head hurts.
anyway, we met some other fun folks too!
and danced the night away! (this is doc's wife Jane and friend Ross)
and, I brought along a few goodies.  So, of course since I have officially named myself a blog-a-holic
I'm going to give YOU this wonderful, yummy, off the face of this earth wonderful recipe....The only problem is that, ut oh, you have to find some Captain Rodneys.  Ross said this was the BEST thing he's ever eaten!
It's called Captain's Cheese Bake
oh be still my appetizer lovin heart.
WAIT, first I have to show you a new love of gotta try these....
you guys must think all I do is eat!
Here we go!
First, you need all of these:
then I chopped the onions with a knife that my good friend Connie gave me (these knives are amazing)
then dump it all in a cool red bowl, and mix it up (use your hands if they're clean)
then crunch up a bunch of Ritz crackers (one sleeve)
this is how I do it for the novice.
stick em in a Ziploc bag
and use a rolling pin
then dump it all into a beautiful casserole dish and smear on the Ritz crackers (I promise my hands were clean)
and top with bacon bits!
Cook for 15 min. on 350
Lastly drizzle the Captain Rodney's Sweet & Spicy Pepper Glaze on top.
Serve with Wheat Thins
Recipe below

now.....tears....I got home yesterday and two boxes were on my front doorstep.
One was a gift from my sweet, darling, adorable, wonderful friend Elizabeth.
She brought this all the way home for me from a far away country....One that I have no idea where it is nor do I know how to pronounce it.  All I know is that I LOVE it!!! It's for an August 8th impending 51st birthday.....hint hint
next was from an equally sweet, beautiful wonderful friend that I have known for years and years and have been re-connected with through Facebook! Isn't FB great????
She has a new company called  "Share the Word Apparel"
I am THE luckiest girl in the world!
....and almost a grandmommy for the 2nd time (come on bebe) and the lucky wife of W, AND almost 51, and, and, and......
um, we were a little boat blown,
later ya'll!
oh wait!  recipe...

Captain's Cheese Bake
1/2 C mayo
8 oz. package of cream cheese
2 Cups grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese
2 Green onions chopped
a sleeve of Ritz crackers (crushed)
One bag of cooked bacon bits (or you can cook your own)
1/2 Cup of Captain Rodney's Pepper Glaze

Mix mayo, cream cheese, cheddar and onions in a greased quiche pan.  Top with crackers and bake at 350 for 15 min.  Top with bacon and Captain Rodney's Sweet & Spicy Pepper Glaze.  Serve with Wheat Thins

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  1. So glad you posted this recipe--Jordan brought it to a social and we devoured it!! Thanks!!