Monday, August 16, 2010

Easy Roll pillow tutorial

I'm goin to Bham today with a bag a goodies. and this is one of them!
What a way to pop a bed!
and let's talk about easy.
I'm adding this today (Tuesday)
***************** I'm adding this today (WED).  Just made an executive decision.  We're painting those lamps turquoise today.
This is how it turned out in the room!  pretty cutie!
now we need to work on a throw to go at the end of the bed.  I just threw this one on for the heck of it.
You really, really don't need to know how to sew to make this.
You do need a machine though (and it might help to know how to work it....)
Here we go!. First you need 1 yard of 54" really cute fabric for the can't be ugly.
 and 1 roll pillow from Bed Bath and Beyond.
First, take some of the stuffing out of the pillow and shrink it down (I mean like pull the stuffing out) to about 30 inches
Then sew up the end you openeed
then you measure around the pillow and the length (the length acually should be what is left of the 54" length of the fabric.  Mine was of course 24", leaving 12" on each side (confused yet?) nah.
and add 1 1/2" to the circumference of the pillow for the seam allowance.
Cut the excess fabric off the long side after cutting enough fabric to wrap around the bolster.  This will serve as the ties (they will be about 22" long each and made mine about 4" wide)
turn under the selvages (or the short sides) 1/2" and press
then put right sides together on the longest part (that being the 54") and sew a 5/8" seam
next turn under the sides of the bolster 5/8" and press, then sew close to the finished edge
oh, forgot to mention to press the long seam. (I'm a big time presser)
pressing the side seam
this is why you sew the turned under seam last (after you sew the long seam.  Does this make sense?
It gives it a very finished look
this is what it looks like inside out
now, turn and press really well and stuff that pillow inside!
Tie the sides of the pillow up tightly with some inexpensive ribbon
Fold in half (right sides together. Sew top, turn at corner and sew side
clip corners an seams
then turn that sucker! Be sure to neatly poke out the sides.
Turn under the unfinished edge and topstich.
Then wrap the tie around the bloster pillow and just tie a simple knot!
How totally simple is the little pillow (and cheap!) It seriously took me 45 min.
and it's going to look marvelous on Callen's bed!!!!
Can't wait to show you her house.  It's adorable!
Questions???? I'll answer them I promise!


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  2. Kendall- So glad to know about your blog. I'm familiar with your paintings and love them.

    I just love Abby Maddox. Our husbands were residents together here in Birmingham. We have one more year before moving to Mississippi. No fellowship for us.

    I'm off to look around your blog.... I'll be visiting often. xx- Brooke