Monday, August 16, 2010


Okay,,,,I am SO excited to say that Beth Wages Johnson has won!
There is an awesome story behind why I am so excited about this and Beth, if you are so inclined, I would love for you to share your story with everyone.


  1. First of all, I’m THRILLED to be the contest winner. I love Kendall’s paintings (have two of them hanging in my house) and especially love her angels. Several days ago I told Kendall I was toying with the idea that I wanted her to paint an angel for my mother’s 86th birthday. My mother had a baby in 1955 that lived only 2 weeks. He would have been 4 years older than I am. The only photos she has of him are photos that my uncle took of him in his tiny casket. My mother cherishes those photos. I thought she might like an angel painting to represent my brother, Arthur Paul, among her wall of family photos.

    Another bit of the story – When Arthur Paul was born, the doctor suggested that my parents shouldn’t even take him home from the hospital. The doctor suggested that he should just be left to die. My mother told the doctor, no, that she planned to take him home and love him for as long as he lived. He was born on June 24 and died on July 4 at home. The doctor also told her she couldn’t have any more children after him because they’d have the same problems he had and would die. She prayed about it and then 4 years later had me. From the first day the doctor told her she was pregnant, he told her I was going to die “just like the other one.” She said she always thought I was going to be ok because she just felt in her heart like everything was ok.

    I think my mother is the most wonderful mother in the world. I really cannot think of one bad thing to say about her. She is truly one of God’s angels that is here on earth to take care of the rest of us. I can’t wait to give her an angel painting for her birthday. If you know her (Mildred Wages) please don’t mention this to her. I want it to be a surprise for her December birthday.

    Now for another thrill – I won this on my birthday!!!! It was a birthday spent in a surgical waiting room while my father-in-law had a kidney removed. What a great surprise to come home and find Kendall’s announcement that I had won. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Kendall!!!! Sorry if I rambled. It’s been a looooong day, but it had a very happy ending.

    Beth Wages Johnson

  2. Congrats to Beth! What a sweet story.

  3. Congratulations Beth...That is a wonderful story...Hope your father in law is feeling better soon.....

  4. What an amazing story! The Lord is a God of rebirth indeed. I love that your mother 'just knew' you would live. And I love that she tried again. What a spirit of faith and courage she must have...

    I hope your precious mother feels joy and comfort through this beautiful angel of Kendell's!

  5. happy belated birthday Beth- what a wonderful story filled with hope, joy and love- thanks for sharing- congratulations on your angel of Arthur Paul

  6. This painting was meant for you. Congratulations.