Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sometimes I wish I were a man.....

 Or is it "was" a man?  Okay that's gonna bug me all day.
You know why I wish I were was a man?  Because when their favorite shoes go out on em they just take em to the shoe shop.  (or go buy the same kind).  Because they can....
(and they don't wear gold shoes)...at least no one I know does.
My old faith fulls have lost their oomph.  HUMPH.....
Even my sister said, "Kendall, those things have gotta go"
Shoes only a mother could love.  I've had these for 6 yrs. now.  They've walked the streets of Europe with me, they've been there for the wedding of my oldest daughter and the births of my two grandchildren.  They've hiked the rocky roads of some neighborhoods, gone to Scott Antiques with me, been to the Atlanta Mart a multitude of times.  They were even there throughout the building of my home and have a very special nook in my closet in their honor.  They've taken me to Napa, San Francisco, New York, San Diego, the Bahamas, toured the Abacos, gone on cruises with me,  even climbed the Himalayas (just kiddin).... they've taken me SOOOOO many places.  Please don't let me give up on them.  I'm going to try my last ditch effort and gold leaf them myself.  I'll let you know how that turns out.
In the meantime, anyone out there know a good shoe shop? Cause all of my shoe doctors say they can't be revived and that I need to pull the plug.
R.I.P. ? my favorite Manolos.


  1. I have a pair I can't let go either. I got them right after Pace was born...which would make them nearly five. I think, in both of our cases, part of the problem is the color. IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING! I keep thinking, "The fabric inside is so loose I feel like I'm sliding all over the place when I walk and they look so beat up I try to smile extra big while I talk so nobody will look down at my feet...GIVE THEM UP ABBY!" But then, I can not find one shoe in my closet that looks just right with what I have on. Casual yet cute, and just the right neutral shade...and I put 'em back on. Here's to old shoes you can't let die! I say to tell our sisters to shove off :) (And please come visit anytime!!!!)

  2. Awww, that's heartbreaking! They're such classics too! I feel your pain with my slowly dying kate spades...there will never be another pair like them.

  3. Aren't those manolo staples??? I'm almost CERTAIN you can find another pair!! Ebay? Google? I've been there before and it truly is so heartbreaking!!

  4. Tried. All they have are 41's and 36 1/2's. WAY too big and WAY too small :( but thanks!

  5. It’s “were.” Once when I was putting on my gold shoes back when my daughter was much younger, she looked at me and asked, “Why do all old ladies wear gold shoes?”

    Beth Wages Johnson

  6. Now this is waaaay out there, but as a last option, you might try spray paint-- I've used it on dance shoes before......