Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Sweet Lil Halloween Parade

This has been a fun week (so far).
Oh wait,,,it's only Thursday!  I have a few Halloween days to go.  Yipee!  I LOVE Halloween.  Could it be all the left over candy?.... (I'm a Reese girl) dang, why do they make those things so darn good?
Anyway, yesterday...Evey had the cutest lil Halloween parade at her school.
She was a Mini Mouse Ballerina.
and,,,,aside from trying my best to get her to smile by screaming out "smile EVEY" (so obnoxiously that everyone in the gym could hear me)
I got some darling pics of the parade! (these will be some of many Halloween parties you will see this week!) Here we go.
wait!!! gotta throw in this one of Lil B!!! (Pretty soon we're gonna rename him "Big" B)

Roll Tide Y'all!
and...okay,,,,I guess I'll say it.....(if I have to)  War Eagle.....ewe that hurt.
 is this not the cutest thing EVER???? check out the duck lookin at the bumble bee!
 Lovin Elvis

I'm just in love with this little guy (or girl....I couldn't tell!)
and finally.... "Super Cooper"
 okay guys,,,,,mom's having "confusion" issues.  I mean like major, major confusion issues.  More tests yesterday and today.
Oh, when will this ever end???
Please continue to pray for her.
Thank you!!!!
Tomorrow???? some scary treat ideas!


  1. Thanks Kendall, I`ve been to all my babies Halloween walks & they are all so precious!!! Lil B is so cute!!! I would just love to give him a G`Ma hug!!! Love to you & hope & pray that Pat will get better, prayers are coming her way!!! LOVE...

  2. How cute!!! And how funny....that Lion is my friend Anna's little boy, William! :)