Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just some cute pics!

of Evey's school Halloween party!
(I think the cupcakes were a success!!!)


this is when she saw them bringin out the cupcakes!!!

 they loved the hats!

is this not the cutest thing EVER????? I wanna eat him up.

It was a cute little party....
another wonderful day for mom!!!
Yippee I'm happy!
Now please add Dad to your prayers.  Eye surgery, but is healing well.
oh the challenges!
and,,,,, mom and I decided to have a little fun for Halloween and get a little silly.
What a good sport she is!!!
(stole this idea from Jordan)


  1. Those beautiful children made my morning! I could just eat them up!

  2. What an adorable crew! Just like my kids' preschool - any way to avoid making a complete mess of their clothes during a messy snack, just take them off!

  3. Loved the video - how sweet!

    Beth Wages Johnson