Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm Bored...outta my mind!

Let me just tell ya....I'm bored....outta my mind!  I have a new appreciation for folks who stay in the hospital with a loved one.  It's a tough job. Period, period, period!
Mom slept like a ROCK last night!  Can you give me a big time hands up???? yeahhh!
Me? well let's just say the beds that I love are NOT the chair I'm sleeping in.
She has been having some major hallucinations that are (I know this is sad) but hilarious!
The doc said to correct her on them.
Yesterday she was at the beach all day...(we didn't correct her on that one) (and the beach is right outside our door) okay,,,,maybe "I" had that hallucination.
Men have been washing the windows, there are butterflies all over the wall, her leg is falling off the bed, and Clay,,,when did he put that new TV in? (it's been here the whole time)
She wanted to play with Harper yesterday, get up and walk around, um she still hasn't been outta bed.
I guess it's gonna be hard without a hip.  I don't know how they're gonna get her up anyway.
She's been in some pretty severe pain which breaks my heart.
Yesterday was kinda nice.  I took a trip back to Atlanta for a design consultation for a new client of mine.  It will be a rather long project but one that I'll certainly enjoy.  And then, my sweet "W" met me for dinner.  Then back to Birmingham.  It was nice to just "getaway" and drive.

Anyway,,I need my prayer warriors again! 
 We think we may have her problem solved (hopefully).
We think her source of infection may be Endocarditis! (an infection of the heart)
Okay, the medical doctor came in on Saturday and listened to her heart.  He heard a rather distinct murmur.
In comes the importance of "knowing" your loved ones family history...
it's vital
Mom had rheumatic fever as a child.  This could very possibly be the key to this whole thing.
If it is Endocarditis, that could be the reason her body has broken down and rejected all these prosthesis.
This could be the reason the infection in her hip carried the infection to her elbow.
WOW, I know I'm not a doctor (even though some of my friends think I am,,,,I even have the nickname The Doc:))))
but,,,,sometimes I wish I were.
I've gotta admit, I'm sitting here wondering why this wasn't caught 2 years ago......
Anyway, she has to have another procedure today so prayers please!!!
It's called a TEE and it's very simple but still, it's another procedure.
If this is the key to what's causing all of her problems she will be on very,very long term antibiotics.
Ya know?  We just want an answer!
Have a wonderful, beautiful Monday y'all!!!

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  1. Wow...Just hope this solves all her problems...She will continue to be on my prayer list...See if the hospital will let you bring in another chair. Maybe you could rent a recliner or a futon while she is in the hospital..That would be mo comfortable than that horrible chair...