Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife

Okay, I am officially outta blogging material.   REALLY you say?  Yep, I ain't got nothin else ta talk about. my quest to find a KRAZY Halloween costume, I came upon Antoine Dodson (when I googled crazy Halloween costumes) this guy is stinkin hilarious.  There is even a remix out. (but I thought I'd let you see ALL the info about the "attempted" rape)
He's from Huntsville, Alabama for those of you who haven't seen my hero Antoine.
Not only is he MY hero, he is truly one of Alabama's greatest hero's.
if you wanna see the remix just google his name.....
or go here WILL be stuck in your head for the next week
Warning....tomorrow's blog is gonna be so darn cute....I'm just sayin
hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and while yo at it,,,,you betta hide yo husban too.


  1. I know-- as tragic as this is, it is stinkin' hilarious--- I was tickled b/c this guys just says what everyone is thinking when he says "You are so dumb!"...I'm going to have the remix in my head alllll day now.....

  2. I love that he say's "YOU are so dumb (because you left your shirt and your fingerprints,,,,not because you tried to rape someone!!!)

  3. That's my Halloween costume, for real, HOMEBOY !!!

  4. Sad, but you know that report is funny.