Monday, October 18, 2010

An Art Show....

Well, first of all, I'm heading back to B'ham for a few days.  Yep, they are moving mom this week and Kim has a hectic work schedule so I felt like I was needed.  Now this is a real Pi--er. (you'll have to figure that word out because I refuse too be [too] crude on my blog.  I would like to, (say a few choice words,,,,to one choice insurance company,  but I'm gonna be good.)
Anyway, why is it a Pi--er?  We wanted to get mom in a swing bed unit facility called Trinity in Bham.  Well, because she has done the "right" thing and has suplimental insurance, she was turned down....
So, we are now looking in to the dreaded ......Nursing Homes. I say that with an echo.  And while I'm on that subject, why is it that the word "Nursing Home" (with an echo) sounds so bad?  There is just such a bad stigma attached and you hear such horror stories.  If any of my Birmingham readers have a better solution for us, please, please let me know.... We just can't do an in home care situation because Kim works and it just wouldn't work out for the both of them.   She has to be administered IV antibiotics for 6 - 8 weeks 3 x a day. And then there's bathroom duty, feeding, and on and on and on.   I'll let you know,  how this week goes. (of course I will) ARE U KIDDIN? I mean I let you know everything that goes on in my puny little life!!! Hey, I told you, you're my reprieve.  I love you all (especially my commenters)!!!
Okay,,,,,now about the title.
An Art Show.
My next art show is coming up soon!  SO, I want to show you some of what I'll be showing.  Believe me when I say that I was a paintin maniac this past month and thank goodness because I would NEVER be ready for this show.  These are still for sell until the art show (hint, hint) but I want you my favorite people in the whole wide world to get a sneak preview!
oh, almost forgot.  The show is November 4 - 6 and a percentage of the proceeds benefit the Greater Atlanta Christian School.  Also known as GAC.  Please message me for more info. Actually, just stay tuned because I'll blog about it again I'm sure! Anyway, I would  LOVE for you to come!
here ya go!

Baby Love

Blue Waters II

Blue Waters I

A Field of Yellow

Lake Trees

Trees in a Row

God's Love, a tryptych


Fall Rain

Horizon III

Horizon IV

Red Boat on the Lake

Love of Three

have a spectacular Monday y'all!


  1. Wow..Did you sleep or rest at all??? I hate that for you mom....No, it is a pisser that you do the right thing and get penalized for doing the right thing..Hope y'all have a good week...Love your new paintings...

  2. Kendall I am so sorry ya`ll are having such a hard time!!! I thought insurance was suppose to be there when you needed it most. That is really scary!!! I know you & Kim are doing everything you can for . I love ya`ll & know that you are in my prayers!!!

  3. All nursing homes aren’t bad and some are as good as you force them to be. Make sure somebody shows up to visit every day (but not at the same time every day), get to know the workers (nurses AND staff), and make sure they realize that you notice things (the good things and the bad things). I’ve served as “pop in family” for friends who had parents in nursing homes and couldn’t get by there for some reason on a particular day. You don’t even have to know the patient to pop in and serve the purpose. Be sure to show up sometimes at meal time (and at different meal times). One of my friends realized that breakfast was being brought to her mom and left out of her reach and that she was taken to the dining room for lunch, but not helped so she managed to eat only a very little. I know you and your family will be on top of things – just some pointers learned from friends and family. Your mom is blessed with a family that loves and looks after her. She’ll be fine.

    Beth Wages Johnson

  4. Be still my Kendall Boggs art loving heart!!

  5. Beautiful paintings!!!!

    My husband's grandmother was in Mt. Royal for a good long while and the family was very pleased w/ her care. It's very close to Brookwood-- I'm sure you already know about it, but it never hurts to share positives-- also, I emailed Jordan, I saw a commercial the other day for a hip replacement recall-- it's caused infections among other things--- it could totally be a scam w/ non-legit lawyers, but I did think of your sweet mama.

  6. WOw, Wow, Wow!!! You are totally amazingly talented! Have no insight regarding your mom, but still praying for you all!

  7. Kendall, there are SO many FABULOUS "nursing homes" in Birmingham. Ones that would really fit your mom perfectly I would think! Have you tried or looked at The Oaks on Parkwood?? Two of my friends grandmothers live there! There's also one in Vestavia?!?