Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Mary De" and Me

Let me just tell you right now that Children's Corner patterns and I are not on speaking terms...or is it am not?  nevermind....
I have NEVER gotten so frustrated at a pattern in my life.
As a matter of fact W two rooms over can hear me typing.
I have been sewing since I was 9.......that's a long time....
I even had a children's clothing line for 5 years.  I've designed, made patterns, sewn til my fingers bled, I've done it all when it comes to a sewing machine....
I even have my own tag...
basically I know it all when it comes to the sewing machine
I really can't believe that CC is allowed to take our money sell a pattern with such shotty instructions!  Seriously folks.
Are ya with me here?????
Anyway, the outcome
this is the front or the back
 and now that I've calmed down a bit
I shortened the dress to make a long top and added the tie.  This is normally the front,
then I added little ruffled pants!
Can't wait to see Evey in this
Now,,,,on to make another one!  Come on xanax....
Don't forget to scroll down for the necklace GIVEAWAY!!!!


  1. Ha! I got Mary De out yesterday and decided I couldn't deal with those instructions and I would just wait and let you help me! Yours turned out adorable!

  2. You amaze me--- you can do it all!!!
    I just started fiddling w/ the sewing machine in February and hope to take a few classes soon.

  3. I have always hated Childrens Corners instructions...they never make sense to me and they never work out when I do try to follow them. In fact, I may have broken a sewing machine in the past from my frustration! :) The outfit is precious!!

  4. Amen!!!! LOVE CC patterns, but HATE the instructions! I find it much easier to figure it out myself then to try to follow their instructions.
    I love the fabric combo and the ruffles. Great job:)