Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quest for the perfect sleepwear....

There are not many things I like more than to be, well, just comfortable.
Can I hear an AMEN????
I mean ya know, I tried to wear my new clogs yesterday (so I would look 5" taller than I am)
(I wanted to be 5'10") but after walking the mile to the hospital, I walked back another mile to my car and put on my flats....I'm just sayin....I LIKE COMFORT.
Which brings me to today's subject.
Well, if I have any male readers out there you've probably given your wifey a sexy little number a time or two, only to be worn once (maybe twice if you're lucky) and then it's shoved in the bottom of her drawer and never rarely seen again.  Wait, isn't that just awful???? It's the truth though.
Well, now that I guess I've TOTALLY turned OFF my male readers....
Okee Dokee Females....
Here we go with some comfy numbers.
My favorite sleepwear of all time comes from Garnett Hill.  Really, seriously folks,,,,,if you are looking for the perfect Christmas present, look no further than Garnet Hill.
the best out there....period
but wait,,,I found some other cuties!
Garnett Hill again.
 and again...
 Neimans (I think this is devine) (in a comfortable kinda way)
 wow. this looks SO comfortable
 Neimans again.  Now maybe I'm wrong, (or just old), but I think this is really comfy, sexy.
 the perfect robe.  I know, quite boring, but still perfect. And while I'm at boring, doesn't this model look like she's having the time of her life????
and finally my favorite....
a plain white men's oversized shirt.
which one will you choose?????
Have a wonderful Thursday y'all!
I think I'll hit the golf course.
Or mabe stay in my PJs white shirt ALL day...


  1. I am a p j`s kind of person myself & comfort is the most important thing to me!!! Thanks for the preview,loved it!!!

  2. You read my mind!!! As I started reading your post, Garnet Hill's green cotton nightgowns came to mind!! I had two of the smocked ones, to nurse in, with my oldest--- divine!! They ended up with paint on them and totally worn thin b/f I would oblige my hubby and pay them to rest.....I agree pjs are a blessing.

  3. The Garnet Hill pjs ARE the best! I love them! My kiddos have some too and always want to wear comfy!