Monday, October 25, 2010

Embellish that shirt!!!

I bought this simple little top (actually it's long underwear) at Target the other day. I think is was about 8 bucks. Actually you probably have one or two of these in your drawer waiting to go to Good Will.  Well, my idea, was to make it look like a top that I bought from Anthropologie.
And to my surprise, it worked!!!  (at least "I" think it did) Here it is....before:  plain and simple
Now, unfortunately, you have to buy two....(it's still cheaper than the Anthro one)
 use the 2nd top as the fabric for flowers.  Cut pieces that look like a figure eight.  About 3" in length.

use three pieces and angle them all, just like this

now....pinch the three pieces together like this

and sew a line across the bottom.
Make enough to go around the front of the neck like so...Now, pin them on. 
 using a zig zag stitch, zig zag each flower on.
 Now it will look like this!!!
 Wait though!  I decided that wasn't I did this...
I got some ivory chiffon (left over from my Rag Top Necklaces)
Do the same but cut like 10 little figure eights (be sure to singe the edges with a lighter)
and zig zag them on just like the others!
 Wait!  I'm not dun,,,, all my (especially young) readers,,,,the best and fastest way to gain 10 lbs. is to wear loose fitting clothing. Ya know, it's just too easy.  Trust me on this.....I know.....those little
"baby doll" tops have done it to me.  Anyway, I decided this little top was too loose and needed some darts.  So, I turned it inside out and pinned it like so....and then I sewed it.
 and there ya have it! Cute huh?
 and a closeup of the neckline.
oh,,,,just FYI....Mary Dee and I are back on speaking terms (sorta)
Have a wonderful, beautiful, Monday y'all!


  1. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Every time I read about your sewing projects, I regret not letting my mom teach me to sew. You are so talented!
    Oh, by the way, I made a 'version' of your santa fe soup! I didn't have any beans on hand so I added rice instead. I think the beans were probably better, but my hubby liked the added texture that the rice provided. But the seasonings were great, and so easy--I would have never dreamed of using a ranch dressing packet, but it worked!
    I love to read your blog but don't always have time to comment. And we are keeping your mom in our prayers!
    :) Elizabeth Weaver

  3. i agree with kelley!! i wish i was that talented!

  4. Love the new Mary Dee! Now you need to give me a few pointers this week while you are here!!

  5. WOW!! You're SO TALENTED! I'm obsessed with that top!

  6. oh my goodness!!!!!! You are so talented and SO creative!! I LOVE IT

  7. did u sew the flowers on to the shirt through the middle of the flowers or on the bottoms? i can't get mine to quite lay flat like that....... advice?

  8. sew through the middle of the flowers through all thicknesses. Be careful not to break a needle though! Oh, also, washed it and everything came out perfect just FYI for all! hang dry though.