Friday, October 1, 2010

Back to Market to Market! (to find more goodies!)

Well,,,,,,we're finishing up my sweet little friends house!
SO........back to the Mart!
Thought you might like to see a few more of the things we purchased!!!
Very cool stuff.
very, very cool.
these are what we bought!
These awesome industrial crank tables....Be still my cranky heart. (just kiddin!  I'm in a really good mood)
oh my,,,,,I just loved this
and I'm lusting over this as well
a little piece for her kitchen
her mom bought these great looking pedestals for the beach house
(which I'm also helping with!)
trying to deside between this
and this (I LOVE this one!)

and idn't this great????? Oh, I just loved it, it's also gonna go to the beach
along with this awesome bowl
and these spectacular vases
we didn't get this but I liked this table!
loved this chest....
and a little lamp for it

and another little floor lamp for her living room

We love this but didn't buy it.  I had already put one of these at the beach house so we opted for a little more "mature looking chest.  I just love this piece!!!

 Now....I'm wanna tell you about a furniture line that I absolutely adore.
this is from Carriage House furniture
the construction of these beds and furniture is just phenominal (and they're resonable)
I have 3 in my home.
Pat Dorch the owner does the best job I've ever seen.  You can do COM or pick from his fabrics.
and a 4 - 6 week turnaround.  wow!

oh my,,,,,this leather chair is to die for
Well, there ya have it!!! more fun market stuff!
Have a great weekend y'all
Roll Tide, beat Florida.....

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  1. I especially Love, LOVE the industrial crank tables...everything else is fantastic too...