Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shoe Shopping

Hey there!!!  I'm home!!! Since mom ate breakfast all on her own and had a great nights sleep I decided to skip on outta Birmingham and back to "the ranch".  Oh boy, it felt SO good to be home and sleep in my own comfy, cozy bed.
On to I promised.
You know what I love about shoes???
Your shoe size never changes even if your clothing size does!  (It's the truth....generally speaking)
I usually buy 2 pair of expensive good shoes each fall, and then I'll buy some inexpensive numbers (which is what I usually wear).  Somebody just kick me....I mean is that not the stupidest thing ever?  Wait, I just like to look at them in my closet... in the little see through labeled box that I make for my little babies to live in. Is that so bad?  It can't be, I mean I DO wear my expensive shoes, but just for special occasions.
On to what I found...oh wait, I also found two more coats that I'm considering, so hold the shoe thought!
this? (Tory Burch)
or this? (Tory Burch)
back to shoes....
oh, yummy
 double yummy (these may be one of them)
 I like these Louboutins but I have a good pair of boots almost this same color
 hummmmm (I was wondering where my dog went....)
 I like these too! (hey, I'm a sucker for the red sole) but then again, I have a pair of Tory's like these already...dang.
 Love these, but tried them on.....they are Louboutins but very uncomfortable FYI
 TB again (duh)

oh be still my Tory Burch lovin heart
 I think these are a definite (unless I get those Louboutins that I like)
 or these?
I think these are J. Crew.  I LOVE THESE SHOES!
 Manolos.  Don't think they're gonna make the a matter of fact, I didn't see any Manolos that I liked.  I'm still pining over my gold Manolos...I just can't forget them, I just can't.
Think there is a shoe therapist out there somewhere?
 Darling rain boot by Burberry.  I think I have to have these (since we're gettin SO much rain these days)
I'm lovin this little number to slouch around in
 and this one too! (both from Saks)
and finally.....I think these are a "must have"

 Tell me what you think I should have!!!
Tomorrow?  Handbags (you can grow as big as you want with those too!)
Have a wonderful Thursday y'all!
"W" is treating me to a day at the Ritz spa.  And boy do I need it.
Wish my sis was here to do it with me.


  1. So glad your mom is progressing some:) eating:)) Coats...I love coats. One of my favorite coats came from Forever 21!! Another fav came from an LA boutique BUT returned to Bham and JCrew had a similar one. Should have shopped J Crew first! I love shoes! You wouldn't know it because I tend to wear the same ones ALL the time. All summer I wore flip flops. But for dress I had two NUDE pr. that I wore with EVERYTHING !! Church, weddings, etc. Very pricey BUT I always tend to get my money's worth because I don't buy to match outfits. I buy nice prs to be able to wear with most everything. NUDE being my very favorite. I'm lost for the winter because I don't want to wear tights, or dark shoes. I won't to go bare legged and wear my nude shoes! : ( Guess when it turns COLD I'll change my mind:) Then I go for boots. Haven't gone for any real pricey ones there. Because I do change around. Of your pics, The first black Louboutins I love. I'll let YOU get those:) My other favs were the two that you think are definites. LOVE THEM. I also liked the wallabe looking ones. I had a Frye pr. similar to those that I got a few years ago. SO many compliments on them! Have WORN them out so may get me a pr. as well.:)
    Thanks for the updates on your mom and keep us informed:) Continuing to pray:))

  2. p.s.I DID just receive my new winter fav's from KEN for my upcoming birthday:)))) an almond color! I LOVE LOVE THEM!!! I think I must have shown them to him....and he remembered!! He knows my thing with shoes that I can wear with everything and did GREAT!!!!! Cannot wait to wear them!!!!! Last year he gave me my favorite boots.....RED!! I wore them all the time too:) Will wear them all the time this year too. Actually the new clogs will replace the worn out Frye's I mentioned. YAY!! I'm set:))

  3. Love the first coat-- it is fabulous, absolutely....and I;m liking all the flat boots for some reason--- maybe b/c I don't do heels at this point in my life anymore---- So glad your mom is doing better. She's still on our prayer list.

  4. Love all the boots, but the suade nude Loub's with buckles are my fave...along with the leather Tory boots!

  5. My fav is the TB olive and brown boots: I would break my neck in all the others- I think Im deprived- I have never heard of TB, LouB or Burberry (gasp)- nor have I ever been to Neiman Marcus- or Anthropologie...
    My favorite shoes for winter are Dansko's -- my must have's.

  6. Oh did my little heart flutter!!! I think your daughter and I may have been separated at birth becasue she already said what I was going to tell you!!!!! Something fun, something classic. But both very beautiful!